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In Windows 10, there is WordPad. Have you ever used this application? You may have seen it often but you have not used it or even you may have forgotten about the existence of this app. No wonder why of this app is forgotten because if you need a basic text editor, you can use Notepad. Then, if you need an advanced text editor, you will use Microsoft Word. So, what is WordPad and how to use it?

WordPad can be defined as a word processor software with basic formatting options and it is included in all versions of the OS. The file extension of Wordpad is .rtf or Rich Text Format file extension to save files by default. But, you are able to save the documents in ODT (Open Document), .docx (Offline Open XML) or .txt 9Text) formats as well.

If you want to use WordPad, there are several ways that you can use and you can use any ways that you want. So, here they are

  • Opening WodPad by using Run

If you use Run, you can open WordPad by pressing Win + R to open Run box first. After that, you can type WordPad and then hit Enter. After that, you will see a new blank and untitled WordPad which will be launched automatically on your computer.

  • Opening WordPad from Start Menu

If you want to open WordPad via Start Menu, you can firstly go to the Start Menu and then click on All apps. After that, you will find it under Windows Accessories folder.

  • Opening WordPad by Using Cortana Search

You are able to type wordpad into the taskbar search box and then hit Enter.

  • Opening WordPad by Using Context Menu

If you want to open WordPad by using Context Menu, you can do this by right clicking on black area in Desktop or File Explorer and then choose New and then choose Rich Text Document.

After knowing how to open Wordpad in various ways in your Windows 10, now it is time for you to know how to customize WordPad Document.

  • If you want to specify the font for text, you can do that by changing the font settings. So, you can click the Home options, change the font setting as you want and here you are able to insert an image if you want.
  • If you want to change the appearance of a WordPad, you can click on Page Setup on the File menu and then click on a size in Size in the Page Setup dialog box.

Now, how to print the WordPad document? You are able to print a WordPad document by using key: Ctrl + P. In a WordPad document, you are able to click on File option and then click on Print option. If you want to see how your document will look before you print it, you are able to click on Print Preview. Now, you are able to choose the printer and preferences that you want and then click on Print. It is important for you to know that you need to have a default printer set in the Printers folder.

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