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Microsoft Paint is a classic Windows program which has survived the transition to Windows 10. In this article, we are going to share some information related Microsoft Paint in Windows 10. If you are really want to know its information, keep reading this article until end.


  • Please open Start and click the Windows logo in the bottom left corner of the screen.
  • Then, type in paint. This will search your computer for the Microsoft Paint program.
  • Now, you can look for the Paint app icon. In the Start menu, look for the Paint app icon that resembles a paint palette with paint on it.
  • Just click Paint to open a new Paint window.


  • Firstly, you need to review the toolbar. It is where you will find all of the options used to interact with the Paint canvas.
  • Then, you can choose a primary color. Click any color you like in the palette to apply it to the “Color 1” box. This is the color that you will once using the left mouse button on the canvas. In this case, you can make a custom color by clicking Edit colors.
  • You can choose a secondary color. Please, click the “Color 2” box, then click the color you like to use as your secondary color.
  • You can choose a brush type. Please, click the Brushes option at the top of the Paint window, and then click the type of brush tip you want to use. You have to note that it is what affects the line shape, size, and width options.
  • You can choose a line thickness. Please, click the Size option to the left of the color palette, and then you can click the line thickness you want to use while you are drawing.
  • You need to click and drag across the canvas to draw. Please, hold down the left mouse button while dragging is going to draw your line. You can also click and drag with the right mouse button to use your secondary color.
  • Please choose a section with color. You can click the “Fill with color” tool that resembles a paint bucket. In the “Tools” section, you must click the canvas to change an entire section of it to your primary color.
  • Erase mistakes. You are able to use the eraser function by clicking the pink “Eraser” icon in the “Tools” section. Then, clicking and dragging the eraser over the portion of the image you want to erase.


  • Please choose a color.
  • Then, choose a “Fill” color if necessary.
  • You have to find a shape to use. In the “Shapes” section of the toolbar, you can scroll up or down to see all of the available shapes.
  • Now, you can choose your preferred shape. Please, click the shape you want to use.
  • You have to chose a line thickness. Then, click Size and the line thickness you want to use.
  • Please, choose an “Outline” option if needed.
  • Then, choose a “Fill” option if you like.
  • Now, you have to click and drag diagonally across the canvas.
  • Please, anchor the shape. When the shape fits the size and location, you can release the mouse button and click outside of the Paint canvas.

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