Great Trivia Questions for Workplace Which Will Make Reduce Stress and Gain More Focus at Work

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Between work, you may want to take a break to get rid of the stress caused by the workload you are doing. Of course, the most interesting thing here is to invite your office friends to play together. Now, a game that is very suitable to be played between breaks is a quiz.

Well, the trivia questions and answers for the workplace will not only reduce your stress, but it also improves the atmosphere in your workplace. The questions here can be in the form of multiple choices or just essays. However, we recommend you to provide the workplace trivia questions in multiple choices as it’s more interesting to play than essay questions.

Great Trivia Questions for Workplace Which Will Make Reduce Stress and Gain More Focus at Work

Talking about the penalty, we think fellow workers can agree on what penalties are appropriate for losing and what prizes for winning. For example, you may be able to give your friends free drinks/ coffee if you lose, that’s so interesting, isn’t it?

To give you some workplace trivia questions and answers, this post actually provides plenty of questions as well as the answers that you can bring into your office. What are the kinds of the questions? So, let’s see them below!

1. How much percentage of graduates believe that having fun at work is important?

a. 32%
b. 50%
c. 83%
d. 79%

The answer is d. 79%

2. In which countries is the paper found?

a. Japan
b. China
c. America
d. England

The answer is b. China

3. How much percentage of employees trust to have access to social media platforms which can help them be more productive?

a. 20%
b. 39%
c. 53%
d. 65%

The answer is b. 39%

4. What does the final Employee need after completing everything else according to Maslow’s hierarchy?

a. Safety
b. Love/ belonging
c. self – actualisation
d. Psychological needs

The answer is c. self – actualisation

5. How much percentage of our brains do we use during drinking?

a. 35%
b. 71%
c. 40%
d. 58%

The answer is a. 35%

6. Which company allows the workers to bring their dog into the office?

a. Ikea
b. Amazon
c. Samsung
d. Microsoft

The answer is b. Amazon

7. How many miles does a typist’s fingers travel during an average day?

a. 6 miles
b. 9.7 miles
c. 3.5 miles
d. 12.6 miles

The answer is d. 12.6 miles

8. What is the most annoying thing that workers do according to the Mirror Online?

a. Noisy eating
b. Noisy typers
c. Not washing mugs
d. Ask about the weekend

The answer is c. Not washing mugs

9. How often is the average manager interrupted?

a. Every 8 minutes
b. Every 20 minutes
c. Every 17 minutes
d. Every 40 minutes

The answer is a. Every 8 minutes

10. How many minutes does the average worker spend to look for lost files and other items in a day?

a. 15 minutes
b. 20 minutes
c. 35 minutes
d. 50 minutes

The answer is d. 50 minutes

Well, those are some example workplace trivia questions and answers that you can apply when you’re playing with your friends at the office. Of course, there are tons of great trivia questions and answers for the workplace. If you want more, don’t hesitate to look for others from any sources.

Aside from the trivia questions and answers for the workplace, we also have some example games that you can play with co-workers. Here are they:

1. Guessing ‘Who Is Your Workmate’

This kind of game is based on how well you really know your fellow colleagues. In this game, you’ll require to write fun, random or unique facts about yourself. Then, a quiz master will give a task of reading out the facts. Then, the workers should write down who they think based on the facts. Then, they will start to guess who the worker is.

However, this game is to match as many of the facts to the right colleagues to win this game. Moreover, this game is also a great way to get anyone laughing and looking for the new information about their fellow workmates.

2. Office Championship

Office championships or office olympics can be done by playing any games such as hula hooping, darts, paper aeroplane throwing and many more. This game allows you to get points which can be completed within a day or over a few days or weeks depending on how much time you desire to use each day.

Well, the best time may be one game per week which is hosted by different employees, lasting around 30 minutes. This game allows the workers to let loose and have a bit of fun and also help them to refresh their brains. The point is, this game is such a gorgeous way to increase morale after a few hours sat at a computer screen.

3. The Great British Office Bake Off

Why not bring The Great British Bake Off to your office? This challenge can work for however long you want and include baking breads, biscuits, cakes, pastries and many more. The way of this game is done by setting a theme for the week just like what they do on Bake off.

Everyone should bake their goods at home and then bring them into office so that their fellow colleagues can try. Once all the colleagues have tried the treats, they will decide who they feel is the winner of the round. This will go to 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place for the week.

Well, the goal of The Great British Bake Off is to score people, first place earns three points, second place earns two points and third places earns one point. Then, at the end of this competition, a quiz master can add up the scores and announce who the winner of office bake off is.

We think this game is a bit of fun to make your colleagues away from their desk to enjoy a few sweet treats. Additionally, it’s such a great way to find out who can bake the best cakes or pastries for the next office birthday.

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