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Do you want to take the dive and study with GRE vocabulary quiz games? Here we are going to share some top GRE vocabulary quiz games. We are sure that you want to try taking the Gre vocabulary quiz games so that why you are here.


  1. GRE Vocab Challenge that created by The Princeton Review. It is a handy iPhone app that tests the users on high-frequency vocabulary through four separate challenges; definitions challenge, antonyms challenge, synonyms challenge, and a connotations challenge. After you complete a challenge, then you are able to review answers and definitions of words. Fortunately, the definitions are extremely elaborate, providing parts of speech, synonyms, antonyms, pronunciation, connotations, and even example sentences.
  2. Quizlet. It is a free gaming website that offering tons of user-submitted GRE vocabulary decks. When you are searching for a deck, please ensure the deck you select has a lot of words (300+ is ideal) you are likely to encounter on the GRE. The decks based on books by test-prep companies usually offer the highest-quality compilations of vocabulary words. For example, if you search for “GRE Kaplan”, so you have to find a decent number of decks based on Kaplan’s high-frequency vocabulary lists.
  3. Cram is a free website that allows the users to select a (GRE) vocab deck, practice it, and play games with it. For your information, there are two games that available, those are Jewels of Wisdom (a matching game) and Stellar Speller (a spelling game).
  4. Memrise is a free study website that offering flashcards and interactive practice. You are able to start by creating a free account. Then, you are able to search for GRE vocab decks. If you are having trouble finding one, you are able to narrow your search to the “Standardized Test” section. Most Memrise decks borrow their material from major test-prep books, so you are usually guaranteed a quality variety of high-frequency GRE vocab.

Now, we are going to share some examples of questions for Gre vocabulary quiz. Please look at the text below.

1. Hauteur:

A. obstacle purposely to get on the way of
B. a model example or pattern
C. getting farther apart from a point
D. haughtiness


A. have a mutual relation
B. glut
C. line created made by crushing white line in the cricket on the ground.
D. praise; approval

3. Pith:

A. outflow in a stream of particles a noxious odor or vapor
B. essential part force soft liquid substance
C. laziness
D. Poisonous; noxious

4. pileous:

A. wasteful prodigal licentious extravagant
B. relying on experiment
C. complex; subtle; refined
D. Covered with hair

5. baneful:

A. causing harm or ruin; pernicious; destructive
B. neat; formal
C. firmness persistency adhesiveness tending to hang on
D. cheerful; casual; carefree

6. Defiance:

A. open disobedience or resistance
B. formal reception/embankment
C. too great a readiness to believe things
D. severe criticism

7. Stingy:

A. defying; imitation; unmatchable
B. unconscious; unresponsive; unaffected
C. spending using unwillingly
D. of connected with trees

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