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Now is March and you may wonder what the fun trivia in history in March. Here, we have some trivia about this month in history especially on March 10 to March 13. This information is gathered from This Day Trivia site. So, if you want to see more details about the trivia about today, you can access that site.

Fun Trivia In March

In March, there are some trivia in history and you may just knew after you read it. Those are Happy Face Crater, First Film by the Warner Brothers, First Telephone Call, Jupiter Effect and many more. You are able to see them below.

Trivia On March 10th

Happy Face Crater

Happy Face Crater

It was on March 10th, 1999. The Martin crater Galle is photographed by Viking Orbiter 1 and it is called the Happy Face crater. Why? It is because it resembles a smiley face. It was named after astronomer Johann Gottfried Galle. It is about 215 kilometers across.

First Film by the Warner Brothers

First Film by the Warner Brothers

On March 10th, 1918, My Four Years in Germany premieres in New York City. Four Warner brothers produced it. Those are Harry, Albert, Sam and Jack. This was their first nationally-shown film. Later, they would form the film company Warner Bros in 1923. The film was made based on the experiences in real life and also book by US Ambassador to Germany James W. Gerard.

First Telephone Call

First Telephone Call

On March 10th, 1876, Alexander Graham Bell called his assistant in the next room. The thing that he said was ‘Mr. Watson, come here, I want you.’

US Sanctions Against Libya

On March 10th, 1982, The US enforced economic sanctions against Libya. It included an embargo on Libyan oil imports, for its role in international terrorism.

Trivia On March 11th

Great White Hurricane of 1888

Great White Hurricane of 1888

This happened on March 11th, 1888. This is one of the most popular snow storms in US history which killed 400 people and created 50-foot snow drifts. It happened for four days  with snowfalls up to 58 inches in Saratoga Springs, New York.

Madrid Train Bombings

On March 11th, 2004, terrorists set off a series of ten bombings when it was in rush hour aboard four commuter trains in Madrid, Spain. There were 192 people who were killed and there were 2,050 people who were injured.

First Woman US Attorney General

On March 11th, 1993, Janet Reno was confirmed as the US attorney general who was appointed by US President Bill Clinton.

Mikhail Gorbachev

On March 11th, 1985, Mikhail Gorbachev takes office as leader of the Soviet Union. In three years, he is the fourth leader of superpower.

First Armored Car Robbery

In March 11th, 1927, members of the Flathead gang dynamite a Brink’s armored car en route outside of Pittsburg, Pennsylvania and it produced $104,000 or more than $2 million in money of today. There was one of the guards who noted the license plate of the gateway car. In the following day, some members of the gang were arrested and it included gang leader, Paul Jaworski.

Pandemic Covid 19

In March 11th, 2020, there was a declaration about Covid 19 where it is declared a pandemic by the head of the World Health Organization Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus. At that time, there were 121,564 cases in the world and there were 4,373 deaths.

Trivia On March 12th

Loch Ness Monster Hoax

Loch Ness Monster Hoax

On March 12th, 1994, there was the famous 1934 “Surgeon’s photo” which reportedly taken by Col. Robert Wilson. It was called a hoax in a deathbed confession by Chris Spurling who claimed he helped create the photo.

Second Temple of Jerusalem

Second Temple of Jerusalem

On March 12th, 515, in Jerusalem, the Jewish Holy Temple is completed. It was built on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem during the second Temple period. It substituted the First Temple which is Solomon’s Temple which was crushed by the Neo-Babylonian Empire in 586 BCE.

Elizabeth Smart

On March 12th, 2003, Elizabeth Smart was saved after she had been kidnapped 9 months earlier at knife point from her bedroom in the Salt Lake City, Utah home of her family. The kidnappers were known from the TV show named America’s Most Wanted. This kidnapping becomes the subject of a number of films and books.

Church of England’s First Women Priests

On March 12th, 1994, there were thirty-two women who were ordained as priests in the England’s official state church.

Dennis the Menaca

On March 12th, 1951 was the debut of Hank Ketcham’s comic strip entitled Dennis the Menace. It was based on his son in real life named Dennis Ketcham who got the nickname ‘Dennis the Menace’ when he was four years old.


Do you like drinking Coca-Cola? If you like this, do you know a trivia about this drink? On March 12th, 1894, Coca-Cola was sold in bottles for the first time.

Trivia On March 13th

UFOs – Phoenix Lights

UFOs - Phoenix Lights

On March 13th, 1997, there were thousands of people who became a witness of light over Arizona and Nevada in a space of about 300 miles. There are a lot of people who believe that these were UFOs. But some others claim that they were flares which were dropped by the USAF.

6,000 Sheep Were Killed by US Army with Nerve Gas

6,000 Sheep Were Killed by US Army with Nerve Gas

On March 13th, 1968, accidentally, the US Army kills 6,000 sheep with nerve gas. However, they denied it for 30 years. Then, they finally admitted that they they had caused it.


On March 13th, 1781, Sir William Herschel discovered the planet Uranus. It was the first planet which was found by telescope. In the beginning, he thought that it was a comet. But then, observations which were done from other astronomers proved that it was a planet.


On March 13, 1930, there was an announcement of the discovery of the dwarf planet Pluto. It had been found from pictures which were taken earlier by the Lowell Observatory in Arizona.

Happy Birthday for Donald Duck

Happy Birthday for Donald Duck

In March 13th, 1934, was the birthday of the cartoon character Donald Duck and it is given in the cartoon, Donald’s Happy Birthday (1949). Nevertheless, Disney celebrates his birthday as June 9, 1934.

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