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Sometime, the touchpad on Windows 10 can stop working. You may often find the touchpad’s scrolling function stop to function properly while at another times the touchpad may stop being detected by the Windows 10 device altogether.

By the way, what is the causes of Windows 10 Touchpad issues? According to the research, Issues relating to the Touchpad on Windows 10 can be caused by conflicting software and drivers or it can be cause due to an out-of-date version of the Windows 10 operating system. Besides, the faulty hardware is also can be a common cause of touchpad issues on Windows 10. So, what can you do to fix Touchpad issues on Windows 10? Let us see and read the explanation below.


  • You have to confirm that it is connected properly. In this case, if your Touchpad is not working, it is able to be worth checking to make sure that it is connected to your Windows 10 device properly. If you are using a touchpad that connects via USB, so you have to check that both ends of the connecting cable are fully plugged in.
  • If the Touchpad is part of the keyboard as with the Type Cover on the Surface Pro and Surface Book, so you have to ensure that the keyboard is completely connected to the tablet with no foreign objects obstructing the connecting prongs.
  • You are able to remove and reconnect your Touchpad. Easily, please unplugging and reconnecting the touchpad in order to fix any connection problem you are having now. If you are using a Type Cover on a Surface device, this is able to be done by disconnecting and reattaching the Type Cover.
  • You need to check the touchpad’s battery. If the Touchpad connects to your Windows 10 device via Bluetooth and it stops working properly, we are able to say that its batteries may be running out of power. For this case, you have to replace the old batteries with new ones to view if this fixes any issues or not.
  • You have to turn on Bluetooth. If your Bluetooth touchpad is turned on but is not connecting to your Windows 10 computer, it is worth checking to see if Bluetooth has actually been disabled. You are able to check this by opening the Action Center and looking at the Bluetooth tile.
  • You are able to restart your Windows 10 device. Usually restarting the Windows 10 can fix most issues including the Touchpad which is not working properly. To restart your Windows 10 device, you are able to open the Start Menu and then click the Power button. The last, just select Restart.
  • You need to enable Touchpad in Settings. It is very possible that your Touchpad may have been disabled from within Windows 10 by yourself or an app. Please, open Settings, select Devices, an d then Touchpad. Ensure that the switch at the top of the pages is set to On.

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