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Certainly, you ever get any problems of Bluetooth on Windows 10, don’t you? The most trouble that most Windows users have is on the connections of Bluetooth Windows. This trouble definitely becomes the most widely problems that Windows users get. So, if you get the same, you can fix it by scrolling this page down!

The connection of Bluetooth problem on Windows 10 can be called as the crucial thing that everyone ever have. Indeed, the problem should be looked for the solution so that the user will not complain for it again. But, sometimes, after you fix the problem, the issue will re-appeared. So, the way to fix it will need the awesome ways that can make the trouble out permanently. So, if you are already bored in searching the trouble but the issue is back, you can try to follow our solution that we get on Indeed, the site can be mentioned as the trusted site that always gives the best solution what the users want correctly.

Here are the ways that you can take when you get the trouble on connection of Bluetooth Devices:

Step 1: Make Sure to Check Bluetooth Information

The first important thing that you have to do is to check Bluetooth product on your Windows. If you set the Bluetooth but missing, make sure that the device support on Bluetooth. It is because some devices doesn’t support for Bluetooth.

Step 2: Is the Bluetooth On or Not?

If you have checked your Bluetooth product, but there is no problem. Then, make sure that you already turn on the Bluetooth. If you forget, you can select Start button, choose Settings > Devices > Bluetooth & Other Devices. Then, you have to turn on Bluetooth.

Step 3: Check the Bluetooth Device

If you have turned on Bluetooth, but it is still not working. Absolutely, you can check any devices such as batteries and PC. You can try to turn off the Bluetooth, wait for a while, then, turn it back on. Ensure that the Bluetooth is in range. Make the Bluetooth closer to USB device. The unresponsive USD device can interfere with the Bluetooth Connections as well.

Step 4: Check Your PC

You must also check your PC to make sure that the Airplane mode is off. Then, you can try to turn the Bluetooth on and off in rotation. Besides, you can remove the Bluetooth device, then you can add it again.

Step 5: Run the Bluetooth Troubleshooter

To run it, you can choose the Start Button, then, select the Settings, choose Update & Security, select troubleshoot. Then, you will see the dialog, under Find and Fix Other Problems, you must select Bluetooth and choose Run the Troubleshooter. Then, follow the instructions.

Step 6: Check the Drivers

If you recently have upgraded Windows 10, automatically, the current driver may be designed for an earlier version of Windows. To fix it, you can search for Device Manager, select Device Manager on the taskbar. Then, select the Bluetooth adapter name included the word ‘radio”. Hold the Bluetooth adapter, select the Update Driver > Search automatically for updated driver software. Then, select Close. Finally, you have to select Start, Power, then Restart you PC.

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