Fix Connections to Bluetooth Audio Devices and Wireless Displays in Windows 10

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Did you get the trouble on your Windows 10? Have you ever get the problem on Windows 10 of fixing connections Bluetooth and wireless display? Or are you looking for the solution in fixing the trouble? If so, fixing the problem is a kind of simple and handy way at all. Indeed, people who are curious to solve the trouble will get the way. If you are the one of them, keep staying on this page is a best way for you.

Windows 10 will have an error on system anytime, actually it is very reasonable. It is because Windows 10 can be called as the mostly used operating system all over the world. However, Windows 10 was developed, not means that Windows 10 have a perfect system inside. Sometimes, the system of Windows cannot run for any program for while even having error system. It can happen when there are some troubles either on internal or external system on Windows.

One of the troubles on Windows that most of users have is on Bluetooth Audio Devices and Wireless Display. If you often you get the trouble on connections to Bluetooth Audio Devices and Wireless Display, actually you are not alone. There are many users of Windows that get the same problem too. But, you do not worry because on this page, we will give you the ways to fix the trouble. Here we go!

Step 1: Type ‘Service’ in Search Menu

The first way that you can do is by click on Windows search menu. Then, type the services. The dialog box will be open and you will see the ‘Services’ program. Then, click on the services.

Step 2: Choose Bluetooth Support Services

If you have clicked ‘Services’ program, automatically, there will be dialog box that will show some list of programs. Because you have problem on Bluetooth Audio Devices, so, you have to find Bluetooth Support Services on the list. If you already find it, you just put your cursor on the program. Then, right click on it and choose the Properties.

Step 3: Choose the Startup Type

After you click Properties, actually you will be directed into dialog box that will show Bluetooth Support Service Properties. Then, you can choose startup type, then, click Automatic.

Step 4: Apply and Ok

This is the last step on fixing the trouble on connections Bluetooth Audio Devices. After you do all things, you can click on Apply and click on OK button. Then, the program will close soon and you must restart your system. The way is done.

How to Fix Wireless Display

To fix this trouble, it is so easy way to do. As we know that Wireless displays are the projectors generally used. It can also be connected to your PC via establishing a connection. To fix it, make sure that you check the WIFI connection whether it is established or not. If it is not, you have to connect it via HDMI port. Then, the system will need a Maracast adapter as well.

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