Clothing Style Quiz for Teens

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Clothes are for everyone. They are part of our daily life. Each individual has their own style. Just like any other ones, there are a lot of styles for teens. Have you ever wondered what style you are? It is better for you to take this clothing style quiz for teens to find out.

1. What store do you like?

a. American apparel, urban outfitters, and topshop
b. Any thrift show or yard sale
c. American apparel, H&M, and Forever 21
d. Urban outfitters and ollister
e. Bohoo and Brandy Melville
f. Louis Vuitton and Channel

2. What is your go to top?

a. Plain later top
b. Collared button up white blouse
c. Rolling Stones tee
d. White cropped ribbed tee
e. White cropped tee with the peach emoji
f. Paisley lavender long sleeve off the shoulder crop top

3. What is your go to bottoms?

a. Joggers
b. Fit trousers
c. Tennis skirt
d. Dark denim skinny jeans
e. Distressed black mom jeans
f. Soft flouncy shorts

4. What is your go to shoes?

a. Heels
b. Clog, booties, and boots
c. Jelly shoes
d. Docs martens and high tops
e. Nike Air Force, Vans, Adidas, and Converse
f. Birkenstocks

5. What is your go to dress?

a. Tiered tank dress
b. Bodycon pencil dress
c. Baby doll dress
d. Lacy vampires dress
e. Neutral colored shift dress
f. I do not wear dresses

6. What is your go to hard style?

a. Down
b. Messy top bun of half up half down
c. One French braid
d. Mid head ponytail
e. Low or high ponytail
f. French brads or space buns

7. What is your favorite feature?

a. Skin
b. Hair
c. Eyes
d. Eyeborws
e. Mouth
f. Cheekbones

8. What is your favorite colors?

a. Neutrals – white, grey, black, and so on
b. Dark – black, maroon, and so on
c. Pastel – soft pink, baby blue, yellow, and so on
d. Any – I do not care
e. Primary and neutrals – mostly intricate patterns

9. What is your favorite patterns?

a. None
b. Band T-shirts
c. Outlines and graphics
d. Logos for sports companies
e. Grid, stripe, or polka dots

10. What is your favorite go to accessories?

a. Nothing
b. Choker
c. Simple; necklace and bulky nag
d. Think cloth headband
e. Rings
f. Designer bag

11. What do you spend the most on your free time?

a. Chilling
b. Going to concert
c. Shopping
d. Hanging around at the mall
e. Studying at the library
f. Getting a bit to eat with friends

12. Which magazine you love the most?

a. Nylon
b. Seventeen
c. American Girl
d. The one about music
e. None

13. What type of music do you like?

a. EDM
b. Rock
c. Ballad
d. Hip hip
e. Indie
f. Metal

Can you answer all the questions above easily? Do you think the result comes as you expected? Take more quiz if you want your clothing style more.

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