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Are you bored with the default of taskbar color on your Windows? Do you want to change taskbar color on Windows 10? But, you have any problem on changing taskbar color on Window 10, don’t you? Indeed, changing the taskbar color on Windows can be a must for you. Almost every user gets bored with the default taskbar color, as well as with you. So, it is time to change the color of taskbar on your Windows.

Windows has developed the system on color using the black color from the Start menu, action center and taskbar. Default color probably looks simple, nice, elegant and goes well used for default taskbar or wallpaper. Unfortunately, not all users would like to use the color on Windows display. Indeed, the colorful display can be more attractive that monochrome. But, you do not worry because Windows 10 allows you to change the color of taskbar as your desired color as well.

Furthermore, Microsoft has involved an amount of settings to customize the taskbar and start menu on Windows 10. For that, you are certainly able to make the taskbar and the Start menu transparent. Besides, you can add or remove the search box from the taskbar. Then, you can configure taskbar to use the desktop color or set your own custom color. Well, you can set the color for any purposes as your needs.

If you want to change the taskbar color on Windows 10, absolutely, you can follow some instructions on the text below!

Step 1: You have to click Start, then, choose Settings or Right-click on desktop and click Personalize option to Personalization section of the Settings app.

Step 2: Choose Colors. Then, you need to scroll down to see the Show accent color on the following surfaces. Then, select Start > Taskbar > Action center > and Title bars. Then, check it on the boxes.

Step 3: On this step, you can choose a color or create your own color. To create your color, you can click on the custom color option from the colors section.

Step 4: If you already finish to create your own custom color, then, you can see the result.

Step 5: You can see the offers to show color on the Start, Taskbar and the windows borders as well.

Step 6: Finally, if you use the available color, not creating your own custom color, actually the color will display soon on taskbar. See it soon!

Then, how if you cannot change the color of taskbar on Windows although you have used the right instructions? If you get the issue in which you cannot change the taskbar color, you can try some ways that we explain in the below!

  • Firstly, you have to go to the Settings.
  • Then, you choose Personalization and select color.
  • After that, set Windows default mode to Custom.
  • The mode allows you to change the taskbar color regardless of you set the App mode to light or dark.
  • Then, for each app, you enable to set them individually to light or dark mode. You can go to Apps, select an app. Then, choose the Advanced Settings. Automatically, you can find the option there.

Generally, when someone cannot change the taskbar color, the problem is on the version of Windows. So, make sure that you have Windows on latest version, that’s Windows 10. Good Luck!

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