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When you come to this page, you may looking for the information about how to change the background picture in Windows 10. Is it alright? If you are looking for the way to change background picture in Windows 10, so you have to read this entire article because here we have its way for you.

Actually, the blue Windows 10 wallpaper is beautiful to look at, but it is more interesting to select the background picture you like on your laptop/PC. You will be the one staring at the screen all day, do not want to be peering at a dark blue logo for hours on end. You must also look into changing your icon size, as well as saving the beautiful Windows 10 lock screen images so you have more wallpaper options. For more granular customization, you are able to try enabling Dark Mode or Light Mode on Windows 10. Then, you are able to consider changing to those beautiful themes.

When you decide to change your background picture in Windows 10 to the picture you want, here are some steps you can do:

  • At the first step, you have to click on the Windows icon in the lower left of your screen next to the search bar.
  • The second step, you have to click on Settings in the list on the left.
  • After that, you have to click on Personalization which is fourth from the bottom on the list.
  • Then, you need to click on Background. Next, the background page is going to come up that allows you to preview your background picture and lets you select from some photos or your own photos for your desktop background.
  • Now, you need to click on the box underneath Background to select between a picture, slideshow for your desktop background or solid color.
  • Underneath “Choose your picture”, you are able to click on one of the options or click Browse to select one from your laptop/computer. Please, click on whatever picture/photo you want. Then, it is going to appear as your desktop background.
  • In other case, if you do not like the layout of the photo, so you are able to click on the box underneath. Under “Choose a fit”, please pick between fill, fit, stretch, tile, or center options for your background.
  • When you have made your selections, so your Windows 10 background is going to change automatically.

Well, the text above is a way to your background picture in Windows 10 to the picture you want. We think that it is an easy way to do.

In addition, you may also want to change the colors of your background, to do it, you are able to do this. In Colors, let Windows pull an accent color from your background, or select your own color adventure. After you have already selected an accent color, so you are able to scroll down to decide where you want to see the color show up, and whether it looks better in a dark or light setting.

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