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There are a lot of quizzes that you are able to find in the internet. The quizzes can be about nature, music, news, sports, fashion, and even zodiacs. One of the platforms that can be used for taking quiz is BuzzFeed. In this platform, you are able to take zodiac quiz. How is it?

When you search about ‘BuzzFeed Zodiac Quiz’ on your browser, you will be given a lot of results and some of them of course directly to the BuzzFeed site. So, you can click on the Buzzfeed site and there you will be able to see some options of the Astrology quiz. Some of the options of the Astrology/ Zodiac quiz are:

  • We Know Your Astrological Sign Based On The Famous People You Choose.
  • Here’s Which Navarro Cheerleader You Are According To Your Zodiac Sign.
  • Here’s How The Zodiac Signs Will Spend Valentine’s Day This Year.

There are still more options of zodiac quizzes in the BuzzFeed site and you can find more options there. How to take the quiz? You have to choose one of the options there like options above and then there will be some questions related to the quiz.

If you choose the first quiz of the options above, then you will get some questions as explained below.

1. Choose a pop star!

a. Ariana Grande
b. Taylor Swift
c. Katy Perry
d. Normani
e. Lady Gaga
f. Rihanna

2. Choose a boybander!

a. Nick Jonas
b. Carlos PenaVega
c. Harry Styles
d. Joel Pimentel
e. Luke Hemmings
f. Jungkook

3. Choose a leading man!

a. Henry Golding
b. Tom Holland
c. Michael B. Jordan
d. Idris Elba
e. Timothee Chalamet
f. Zac Efron

4. Choose a badass athlete!

a. Serena Williams
b. Simone Biles
c. Rob ‘Gronk’ Gronkowski
d. Steph Curry
e. LeBron James
f. Megan Rapinoe

5. Choose a Youtuber!

a. David Dobrik
b. Kingsley
c. Liza Koshy
d. Jenna Marbles
e. Emma Chamberlain
f. Todrick Hall

6. Choose an up-and-coming star!

a. Florence Pugh
b. Rosalia
c. Billie Ellish
d. McKenna Grace
e. Marsai Martin
f. Charles Melton

7. And finally choose an absolute legend!

a. Will Smith
b. Oprah
c. Beyonce
d. Meryl Streep
e. Tom Hanks
f. Dwayne ‘The Rock’

After you answer all of the questions, after you click on the last answer of the last question, then the result will appear. For example, after we tried the quiz, the result says this:

You got: You’re definitely a Water Sign – AKA either a Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces.

Then, under it, there are more information about zodiac that you got like the meaning of it and how your character is. You are able to take this quiz for fun and make sure that if you look for your destiny based on zodiac, never trust it since zodiac only guess and destiny is only in God’s hand. If you find something the same as your life or your character, it may be by chance.

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