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Now, you probably do not have any activity since you are in your holiday and you just stay at your home. Well, if it is happening to you now, why don’t you try to take quiz in BuzzFeed? In this site, there are a lot of quizzes that you are able to take for fun. Some of the quizzes are zodiac quiz, “Friends” series quiz, Food quiz and many others.

Another quiz in BuzzFeed that you are able to take is ‘What Should Your Name Be’. The options of this quiz are various. Here are some of them.

  • What Should Your Name Actually Be?
  • What Should Your New Name Be?

If you take the quiz about it, there will be some questions that you are able to answer based on your preference. In the quiz entitled ‘What Should Your Name Actually Be?’ posted by Joanna Borns, there are some questions and here they are.

1. What is your best quality?

a. Kind
b. Loyal
c. Funny
d. Real chill
e. Generally awesome
f. None of these

2. What is your worst quality?

a. Too kind
b. Too funny
c. Kind of a dick
d. Procrastinator
e. Too cool for school
f. None of these

3. Which food would you rather eat?

a. meat
b. pizza
c. ice cream
d. satay
e. french fries
f. none of these

4. Which show would you rather watch?

a. Scandal
b. The Bachelor
c. Orange Is The New Black
d. Game of Thrones
e. House of Cards
f. None of these

5. What kind of impression do you want to give people when you first meet them?

a. Nice person
b. Effortlessly cool
c. Smart
d. Such a go-getter
e. Normal person
f. None of these

6. What kind of name do you want?

a. Classic
b. Unique
c. Fun
d. Meaningful
e. Confusing
f. None of these

There are still more questions in this quiz such as choosing a a candy that you like, choosing a robot and some others. You are able to choose the answer based on what you like. After you answer the last question, the result of the quiz will appear. When we tried this quiz, the result is:

You got: Gorth

You are a Gorth! Gorth is a name which is gorgeous and gender-neutral. It is a name that tells everyone you mean business.

If you are curious with this quiz and you want to know the name you should be, you are able to take this quiz. This quiz is not needed your awesome knowledge since this quiz is just for fun. This quiz is also free to take and you are able to take this quiz anywhere and anytime. You are able to take this quiz on your PC or mobile phone. You are also able to invite your friends to take this quiz for fun. So, do you want to know the name you should be? You can take this quiz and have fun!

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