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BuzzFeed is a platform which offers you articles, lists, videos, quizzes and some others. Quizzes in BuzzFeed can be done for fun. The quizzes seems to be made for people to make them enjoy their time in BUzzFeed. So, do you want to take the quiz in this platform? What quiz do you want to take?

In the BuzzFeed, there are a lot of quizzes that you are able to take. It can be about food, zodiac, “Friends” series and many more. If you like watching “Friends” series, you may be able to try to take the quiz about it. There are some options of the quizzes that you are able to take about “Friends”. Here are the options of the “Friends” quiz in BuzzFeed.

  • This Quiz Will Find Out Which “Friends” Character You Really Are.
  • Sorry, Only Superfans of “Friends” Are Permitted To Take These 21 Difficult Quizzes.
  • Which “Friends” Character Are You?
  • You are Monice or Rachel From “Friends”?
  • How Many Of The Quotes In “Friends” Series Can You Actually Finish?

If you take the “Friends” quiz about ‘This quiz will reveal which “Friends” character you really are’, there will be some questions and here they are:

1. It is the holiday season and you are spending it with friends. What is your role?

a. Making the main course
b. Making the dessert
c. Making sure everything’s in order
d. Making everybody laugh
e. Doing nothing but eating

2. What were you like in school?

a. a nerd
b. Insanely popular
c. I was busy getting laid
d. I was tough and streetwise
e. I was the class clown

3. Rachel and Rose come back home and are still arguing about whether Ross cheated on Rachel or whether they were on a break. Who do you side with?

a. Ross – there were on a break
b. Rachel – Ross is an asshole
c. I empathise with both and would try to defuse the situation

4. What is your dream job?

a. Something that lets me express my creativity
b. Something lnvolving food
c. An important office job
d. I’d want to make my geeky hobby into a full-time job
e. Anything that would make me famous

5. After years of living in the city, it is time to decide where you want to settle down. What is your choice?

a. I would stay and settle in the city
b. I would move to the suburbs for a quiter life
c. I would move to the countryside to be amongst nature
d. I would move to a smaller town
e. I would want to move abroad and begin afresh

You are able to answer the questions above based on your preference and after that, you will get the results. There are still more questions of the quiz above so you are able to check by yourself directly to the site by taking the quiz. This quiz is fun to take and you are able to invite your friends to take this quiz as well.

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