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You probably often take quizzes in BuzzFeed. As you know that in BuzzFeed site, there are a lot of personality quizzes that you are able to take for fun. There, you are able to find zodiac quiz, food quiz, “Friends” series quiz, ‘What Your Name Should Be’ quiz and many others. Then, after you often take these quizzes, you may wonder how to make this kind of quiz. Let’s find out about it.

You may want to make a quiz on BuzzFeed because after you often you take the quiz on that site, you have a great idea for BuzzFeed quiz. Well, you do not have to store your idea only on your mind because in BuzzFeed, you are able to make your quiz to be a reality. In BuzzFeed, you are able to make your own quiz. It sounds great, doesn’t it?

When your quiz or post is chosen to get featured across BuzzFeed’s network, the editors will make a few edits so that it can reflect the BuzzFeed style and tone. How to make the quiz? Before you make a quiz, you need to note that you have to obey the Community rules and guidelines of BuzzFeed and you are able to read in on the BuzzFeed site.

Now, if you have read the community rules and the guidelines of BuzzFeed, you are able to make your own quiz by following the steps below.

  • First, you have to log into BuzzFeed. So, make sure that you have account in BuzzFeed. If you do not have an account, you can make it one.
  • Then, you have to create your quiz by using the personality quiz builder in the BuzzFeed CMS (Content Management System).
  • In this step, you have to go to and in your first subbuzz, you have to hover over the ‘quiz’ button and then choose ‘Personality’.
  • Now, you will start your quiz by entering results. Once again that you will enter the results first and then questions. If you add result text, you have to make sure that you choose the perfect result picture or GIF and do not forget to source it properly. Note that you have to keep hitting the blue ‘add another result’ button until all of your results have been entered into the CMS.

You may wonder why we have to start with results? It is because it will make it easy to create answers that fits your results instead of trying to do it the other way around. When you make a quiz, make sure that the quiz is impressive and here we have some tips to make your quiz impressive.

  • You have to put a lot of love and care into your result-writing process.
  • You have to be positive. If someone takes a quiz to learn something about their personality, make sure that you do not leave them in bad feeling.
  • Use an interesting result image.

So, are you ready for making a quiz in BuzzFeed? Go to BuzzFeed now and create your own quiz!

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