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Even though it rarely appears, the quiz with wrestling topics might appear sometime on Bing. If you already spend much time on Bing to play any quizzes and also the games on, we think that you ambitiously want to win points which you can then exchange for rewards.

As we know that Bing rewards can be mentioned as a new program which the company offered to appreciate the users who regularly take the quiz and spend a lot of time on Bing. If you participate to take the quiz and answer it correctly, you surely will win different points.

Bing Wrestling Quiz

So, you may want to get more points by taking the quizzes about wrestling. Unfortunately, you don’t have enough knowledge for it, but on the other side you want to get more points to win the quizzes. Well, the only one thing that you have to do is to practice a lot by taking quizzes about wrestling.

We guarantee if you often practice to take quizzes about wrestling, you will be able to answer the wrestling quiz on Bing. Thankfully, this post will provide you with plenty of sample wrestling quizzes which may appear on Bing.

Bing Wrestling Quiz

Here’s for sample quizzes and answers about Wrestling!

1. What does WWE stand for?

a. World Wrestling Entertainment
b. World Wide Entertainment
c. Wrestling World Empire
d. Wow, Wrestling Excellent

The answer is World Wrestling Entertainment

2. Finn Balor is better known as….

a. The Miz
b. Roman Reigns
c. Demon King
d. The Rock

The answer is c. Demon King

3. Which is Seth Rollins’ signature move?

a. The Big Tickle
b. King’s Landing/ Ripcord Knee
c. The Power Clap
d. The Ol’ Peekaboo

The answer is b. King’s Landing/ Ripcord Knee

4. Who asked Nikki Bella to marry him?

a. Samoa Joe
b. AJ Styles
c. John Cena
d. Brock Lesnar

The answer is c. John Cena

5. In the United Kingdom 2017 championship in Illinois, who won?

a. Pete Dunne
b. Seth Rollins
c. Apollo Crews
d. Dean Ambrose

The answer is a. Pete Dunne

6. At the 2016 Royal Rumble, who won the WWE World Heavyweight Championship?

a. Triple H
b. Brock Lesnar
c. Becky Lynch
d. Kevin Owens

The answer is a. Triple H

7. In what film The Jetsons appeared?

a. The Jetsons: Cage Match
b. The Jetsons Get Ready To Rumble
c. The Jetsons & WWE: Robo-WrestleMania!
d. The Jetsons Try Their Hand At Professional Wrestling

The answer is The Jetsons & WWE: Robo-WrestleMania!

8. Who has the wrestling move named the Tombstone Piledriver?

a. Sting
b. Eddie Guerrero
c. ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin
d. The Undertaker

The answer is d. The Undertaker

9. What was the special move owned by Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania 32?

a. Shooting Star Press
b. Irish Curse
c. Coup de Grâce
d. Bank Statement

The answer is a. Shooting Star Press

10. Where did the 2016 Royal Rumble take place?

a. Orlando
b. The moon
c. Los Angeles
d. Beanotown

The answer is a. Orlando

11. What is the real name of The Rock?

a. Dwayne Johnson
b. Dwayne Rock
c. Rock Johnson
d. Dwayne Rockington

The answer is b. Dwayne Johnson

12. Who is the winner of Smackdown Women’s Champion?

a. Natalya
b. Paige
c. Alexa Bliss
d. Charlotte Flair

The answer is a. Natalya

13. What is the British wrestler’s real name of Paige?

a. Minnie The Minx
b. Charlotte Flair
c. Saraya-Jade Bevis
d. Nikki Bella

The answer is Saraya-Jade Bevis

14. Which 2 wrestlers make up the duo The Usos?

a. Jimmy and Jey Uso
b. Dennis and Walter Uso
c. Keith and Kevin Uso
d. Barry and Timothy Uso

The answer is a. Jimmy and Jey Uso

15. In which country was Emanuel Alejandro Rodriguez better known as Kalisto born?

a. Spain
b. Wales
c. Mexico
d. The United States of America

The answer is d. The United States of America

16. Jone Cena is popular for wearing what clothing in the ring?

a. Swimming trunks
b. A Harry Potter outfit
c. A soldier’s uniform
d. Denim shorts

The answer is d. Denim shorts

17. In which part Alexander Wolfe is the NXT tag team duo?

a. sAnitY
b. Decay
c. The Wolfe pack
d. The Bash Street Kids

The answer is a. sAnity

18. What is the special move of The Rock?

a. The People’s Knee
b. The People’s Ear
c. The People’s Toe
d. The People’s Elbow

The answer is d. The People’s Elbow

19. Who won the WWE Champion in 2017?

a. Dean Ambrose
b. Jinder Mahal
c. Seth Rollins
d. Baron Corbin

The answer is b. Jinder Mahal

20. Baron Cobin is a former NFL player, true or false?

a. True
b. False

The answer is a. True

Well, those are 20 sample wrestling quizzes which may appear on Bing. We kindly show all quizzes with answers to ease you in practicing the quiz about wrestling. Good luck!

About Wrestling

Wrestling is one of the underlying sports which focuses on the physical contact between two people where one of the wrestlers has to take down the opponent. This sport needs a very strong energy so that one can easily beat the opponent in a match or just train in an appropriate direction by mastering the sports techniques.

About Wrestling

The rules of wrestling are surprisingly simple. Every wrestler, of course, only competes with opponents in the same weight class. Wrestling match time is 3×3 minutes of dropping consisting of three innings.

The first half of the wrestler starts in a neutral position, the second and third half are decided by the wrestler himself. The wrestler loses the fall when his shoulder hits the floor in a count of 10.

The wrestler should collect as many points as possible by placing the opponent’s shoulder against the surface of the mat. Physical techniques demonstrated in wrestling are joint locks, clinch fighting, grappling hold, and leverage. This technique can cause serious injury.

The point is, the technique which was used in wrestling in one official match totally uses safe techniques. There are no kicks or slaps, punches, only dings technique applied.

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