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Do you like taking a quiz in Bing? If you like it, then you also know that the themes are various. It can be about celebrity, sports, geography, history and many more. If the theme of the quiz is about World War II, are you ready for that? Here, we have some examples of World War II quiz questions for you to practice.

Quiz Questions About World War II

1. In what year did World War II started?

a. 1918
b. 1939
c. 1914
d. 2016

The answer: b. 1939
Info: In September 1939, the war started when Germany invaded Poland and France.

2. What countries fought on the Eastern Front of World War II?

a. Britain and Germany
b. United States and Japan
c. Germany and the Soviet Union
d. Switzerland and Italy

The answer: c. Germany and the Soviet Union
Info: At Stalingrad, one of the big battles of the Eastern Front was fought.

3. From the options below, which event started the war between the US and Japan?

a. Bombing of Pearl Harbor
b. Dresden bombings
c. War in the Atlantic
d. Battle of Britain

The answer: a. Bombing of Pearl Harbor
Info: After Japanese aircraft bombed the US base at Pearl Harbor in Hawaii in December 1941, the US declared was on Japan.

4. What was the code name which was used for the Allied invasion of Normandy?

a. VE Day
b. French Resistance
c. VJ Day
d. D-Day

The answer: d. D-Day
Info: D-Day was the code name for the Normandy landings.

5. When did World War II end?

a. 1914
b. 1918
c. 1945
d. 2016

The answer: c. 1945
Info: In 1945, World War II ended with the victory for the Allies.

6. From the options below, who was the prime minister of Britain during World War II?

a. Franklin D. Roosevelt
b. Winston Churchill
c. Adolf Hitler
d. Joseph Stalin

The answer: b. Winston Churchill
Info: Winston Churchill was head of the British government from 1940 to 1945.

7. Nazis had a leader. Who was he?

a. Adolf Hitler
b. Joseph Stalin
c. Benito Mussolini
d. Emperor Hirohito

The answer: a. Adolf Hitler

8. What was the name of the machine which is used to make German and Japanese codes?

a. Blitz
b. Tourniquet
c. Enigma
d. Axis

The answer: c. Enigma
Info: Enigma machine was able to make code messages in more than 10 thousand million ways.

9. From the options below, what country was not one of the Axis countries?

a. Japan
b. Germany
c. Italy
d. Soviet Union

The answer: d. Soviet Union
Info: The Soviet Union was one of the Allied countries.

10. In the options below, what country was not one of the Allies?

a. Britain
b. Italy
c. United States
d. Soviet Union

The answer: b. Italy
Info: Italy was one of the Axis countries together with Germany and Japan.

About World War II

About World War II

If you have got a History lesson at school, you may have heard about World War II. This war was a conflict which happened between 1939 and 1945. In this war, it involved all the major countries in the world. This war is the most destructive war in history. There were millions of people killed in this war. The fight was between the Axis and the Allies. The Axis consisted of Germany, Italy and Japan. The Allies consisted of Britain, the US and the Soviet Union among others.

Why did World War II happen? It started because the leader of Germany named Adolf Hitler had a wish to expand the territory of German. The Nazi party which is led by Hitler wanted to make a state with only certain kinds of people in it. So, it led to the Holocaust. At the end, the Axis was defeated by the Allies.

The Allies were a league of countries to fight the Axis. There were a lot of European countries which had been conquered by the Germans set up free governments and armies in Britain to bring on fighting. The important Allies was the Free French. However, Germany conquered France and other European countries and it made them could not join the fighting.

The Axis was a group of countries which had a pact to fight together. The Axis was formed by the German leader Adolf Hitler with the Italy’s leader Benito Mussolini in 1936. At the same time, Germany established close ties with Japan. The Japanese had a wish to make an empire in Asia. Then, they invaded China in 1937. They started a war there and it continued until 1945. In 1939, when Germany invaded Poland, the World War II started. At that time, Mussolini was at first neutral. However, in 1940, Italy got into the war. Still in the same year, Japan took part in the Axis. This was the attack of Japan on Pearl Harbor that carried the US into the war in 1941.

How about women in World War II? Most women still worked in the home before the outbreak of World War II. But then, when men fought, there were a lot of women who took part in the workforce especially in Britain. At that time, almost all tasks which had previously been done only by men were now done by women. Those tasks included factory workers, conductors, and engineers. The contributions of women to the workforce was important for resistance forces in occupied countries. After the war, the attitude of society to women in the workplace changed forever. However, women were also subject to violence during and also after the war.

How about children during World War II? They were affected by the fighting as their parents. There were a lot of homes which were bombed and burned. Also, their fathers were called up to fight and their mothers needed to go to work in factories. For some children in mainland Europe and eastern Asia, their countries were taken by enemy soldiers or they were caught in the middle of fighting. Children in Britain and Germany were afraid of the threat of bombs and gas attacks.

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