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Winter Sun is known as a Finnish heavy metal band originally from Helsinki. At first, this one was formed as the another project of Jari Maenpaa, followed by the vocalist and guitarist of folk metal band Ensiferum. Menpaa stared pulling together songs that he had been working on since 1995 in 2003. All the songs followed certain themes described by him as majestic, spacy and melodic.

Do you love Winter Sun? What is your favorite Winter Sun’s song? How much do you know about this band? If you think you are number one fan of Winter Sun, what about taking this Bing Winter Sun quiz and prove people that you are a hardcore fan of the band? Here is the Bing quiz of Winter Sun that you can take.

1. Where is Winter Sun from?

a. Espoo, Finland
b. Stockhol, Sweden
c. Helsinki, Finland
d. Oslo, Norway

2. Which former ex-member bands that formed Winter Sun?

a. Ensiferum and Arthemesia
b. Bloodbath and Ensiferum
c. Cannibal Corpse and Katatonia
d. Arthemesia and Katatonia

3. Who were the original two members of Winter Sun?

a. Jari Maenpaa and Kai Hahto
b. Jari Maenpaa and Dani Filth
c. Dani Filth and Mikael Akerfeldt
d. Jari Maenpaa and Mikael Akerfeldt

4. What is the name of the second album of Winter Sun?

a. Time
b. Tears
c. Cultura
d. Trivium

5. The first album of Winter Sun was re-released as a special tour edition. This one came with a bootleg DVD entitled:

a. Live and Raw
b. Live Evil
c. Live at Last
d. Live After Death

6. Which concert was recorded this bootleg?

a. America, Ozzfest, 2005
b. Germany’s Summer Breeze Open Air, 2005
c. England, Monsters of Rock, 2005
d. England, Download Festival, 2005

7. Which artists played for Winter Sun in concert and subsequently joined?

a. Jari Maenpaa, Kai Hahto, Johan DeFarfalla, and Teemu Mantrysaari
b. Jari Maenpaa, Kristian Wahlin, Jukka Konskinen, and Teemu Mantrysaari
c. Jari Maenpaa, Kai Hahto, Jukka Koskinen, and Oliver Fokin
d. Jari Maenpaa, Kai Hahto, Jukka Koskinen, and Teemu Mantrysaari

8. Who was the producer of Winter Sun album?

a. Rick Rubin
b. Jari Maenpaa
c. Martin Birch
d. Kevin Shirley

9. The cover art for the first album of Winter Sun depicts:

a. A closed fist, gripping a rainbow
b. A nude pre-pubescent girl
c. A man face-down in the snow
d. A completely black cover

10. What is the first track from Winter Sun to be made into a video the short, but sweet?

a. Sleeping Stars
b. Sadness and Hate
c. Beautiful Death
d. Beyond the Dark Sun

How many questions you get it right? If you answer all or a lot of questions right, then you can consider yourself as a certified hardcore of Winter Sun. If not, then it is time for you to know better about the band by reading more. After getting to know them more, you can re-take the quiz and see the result that you get.

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