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Do you want to test your knowledge of ski? You will be able to try joining the Bing Winter Ski quiz. Apparently, there are many people who join the quiz. Before you decide to take a quiz, you need to more information related Ski. In this article, we are going to share some examples of Ski quiz.

1. What is the oldest ski hill in the Sierra?

a. Sugar Bowl
b. Badger Pass
c. Squaw

2. Which Sierra resort that has the highest base lodge?

a. Mount Rose
b. Heavenly
c. Northstar

3. What is the most expansive ski area in America?

a. It is Killington in Vermont
b. It is Aspen in Colorado
c. It is Powder Mountain in Utah

4. Who invented the snowboard?

a. Jake Burton
b. Tom Sims
c. Wayne Wong

5. What is a Snurfer, and who invented it?

a. Sherman Poppen (A precursor to the snowboard).
b. Shaun Palmer (A precursor to the rocker ski).
c. Al Gore (A precursor to the Internet game).

6. Where was the country’s first rope tow?

a. Gilbert’s Hill in Vermont
b. Wildcat Mountain in New Hampshire
c. Hernando’s Hideaway in rural Rhode Island

7. Where does the first ski resort at Lake Tahoe?

a. Norwegian Wood
b. Little Sweden
c. Granlibakken

8. Who was the Sierra’s Norwegian-born skiing mailman?

a. Snowshoe Thompson
b. Jackrabbit Johannsen
c. Snow Leopard Macintosh

9. Which Norwegian laid out the early ski trails in Canada?

a. Snowshoe Thompson
b. Jackrabbit Johannsen
c. Snow Leopard Macintosh

11. What popular ski filmmaker that shared his name with a U.S. Supreme Court chief justice and a ski resort?

a. Charles Pike
b. John Jay
c. Alexander Hamilton

12. What early Vermont ski hill that was founded and owned by the heir to a beer dynasty?

a. Stowe
b. Mad River Glen
c. Bromley

13. Mention name the lift that the heir is sometimes credited with inventing.

a. The B(eer)-bar
b. The T-bar
c. The J-bar

14. What do King Ridge, Snowshoe, and Blacktail have in common?

a. They are all upside-down mountains
b. They are all south of the Mason-Dixon Line
c. They are all family-owned ski areas

15. What do King Ridge, Fun Valley and Woolly Mammoth have in common?

a. They are all in California
b. They are all in the Midwest
c. They are all extinct

16. Mention name the only two ski resorts that owned by American Indian tribes.

a. Ski Apache and Sunrise Ski Park
b. Navajo Mountain and Mescalero Peak
c. Ute Butte and Arrowhead

17. Mention one of the few places you are able to ski on an active volcano .

a. Yellowstone
b. The North Island of New Zealand
c. Showa Shinzan

18. What does skib mean, and who invented it?

a. Skib, it is to rag doll, to fall uncontrollably. Formerly, it lost to antiquity.
b. A skib, it is a super-narrow 1920s ski that never caught on was made by Kneissl in Austria.
c. Skib, it is a word that including both skiing and snowboarding.

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