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Bing Weekly Current Events Quiz is the perfect one to see if you really know the news. It is also known as Bing Trends Quiz. This one will ask you ten questions from ten popular trends that occurred during the past week and give you your score at the end of the quiz.

For those who follow entertainment, technology, culture, and the other news categories on a daily basis, Bing Weekly Current Events Quiz is the perfect one to see how well you remember the hot news stories of the week. This quiz is able to be found in the Popular Now carousel that runs across the bottom of its homepage.

If you are interested to take Bing Weekly Current event Quiz, the first thing that you have to do is to go to the official website of Bing. Do not forget that the page should be in United States. If not, you will have to change the search settings to English – United States via the Bing search settings. Then, open the carousel. You can do it by rapping the ^ icon located at the bottom of the screen. the next thing that you have to do is to navigate through. You should see a logo of Bing tagged Bing Weekly Current Events Quiz. After that, you have to either tap or click it, and you should not be able to entertain yourself with weekly Bing trivia.

If you are having a hard time on finding Bing Weekly Current Events Quiz or on changing the settings language to English – United States, do not hesitate to contact the customer service of Bing. They will help you finding the best solution of your problem.

The members of Bing Rewards are able to earn credit by taking the quizzes, and quiz scores are able to be shared on the social sites. The Senior Managing Editor of Bing named Kristen Kennedy and Senior Program Manager named Vinay Krishna said that they want the homepage of Bing to be a source of inspiration for millions and an entry point to learn more about the world. They are betting on the quiz format as the means of driving deeper exploration and serendipitous discovery. In addition to the recently launched quizzes, they said that it is also using user pools to gouge the thoughts and opinions of people around current events and trending topics. The surveys have included all the things from the Cincinnati Zoo’s Harambe gorilla being shot after a child feel into the gorilla enclosure to the gift choice of Mother’s Day.

Do you think you are able to answer the questions of Bing Weekly Current Events Quiz and get the rewards? For those who read a lot and follow the trends, there is no doubt that you are able to get high score. If you think you are weak when it comes to the following trends or taking a quiz, do not be discouraged and read more and gather your confidence to take the quiz.

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