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Do you want to test your knowledge about Valentine’s day? If you want to know how much you have known the information regarding Valentine’s day, so we are going to ask you to try taking the quiz. This Valentines quiz is an interesting method to get in the Valentines spirit. Even, it can help you to find your Valentine.

1. Do you know, who was St. Valentine?

A. A part of member of t Roman Senate
B. An emperor of Rome
C. A Roman martyr
D. A soldier

2. What is the love story behind St. Valentine’s Day?

A. On February 14th, Valentine littered the streets with red hearts that exclaiming his love for his girl.
B. On February 14th, Valentine was put to death, but left a note for his love, a jailer’s daughter, signed “From Your Valentine”.
C. On February 14th, Valentine handed out flowers to all of Rome’s women.
D. On February 14th, Valentine got married to his true love from childhood.

3. How lots of Valentine’s Day cards are sold each year?

A. 50 million
B. 500 million
C. 1 billion
D. 2 billon

4. Do you know, who is Cupid?

A. He is the son of Venus, in Roman mythology.
B. He is the child of love, in Greek mythology.
C. He is a winged child of Zeus, in Norse mythology.
D. He is the king of other gods and goddesses, in Roman mythology.

5. On Valentine’s day, different kinds of people search for different kinds of Valentines, but this quiz wants to know which is the most popular. By the way, who are you and what kind of Valentine are you searching for?

A. I am a woman, and my Valentine is a man.
B. I am a man, and my Valentine is a woman.
C. I am a woman, and my Valentine is a woman.
D. I am a man, and my Valentine is a man.

6. Where is Valentine’s Day not celebrated?

A. France
B. United Kingdom
C. Germany
D. United States

7. When were the first commercial Valentine’s Day cards sold?

A. 545
B. 1710
C. 1840
D. 1920

8. Which of the following words has the meaning of ” expressing sexual love”?

A. Philosophical
B. Professorial
C. Amatorial
D. Amaurotic

9. The word dulcinea means “sweetheart” or “mistress.” Which book is it from?

A. Lord of the Flies
B. Romeo and Juliet
C. Don Quixote de la Mancha
D. Dante’s Inferno

10. A coquette is “a woman who likes to win the attention or admiration of men but does not have serious feelings for them”; what is the word for her male counterpart?

A. Cloque
B. Coquet
C. Quahog
D. coq au vin

11. In Henry Cockeram’s 1623 English Dictionary, which word did he define as “the comfort which one hath of his wife”?

A. Judgement
B. Testament
C. Predicament
D. Levament

12. What is the meaning of oscular?

A. Concerned with kissing.
B. the Feeling of excitement mixed with nervousness.
C. A type of weasel which uses regurgitated flowers petals.
D. In ancient Roma, an official who would mediate lovers quarrels.

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