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When it comes to tv quiz in Bing, the questions will be about everything shown in tv. It can be a show, series, sports event and many more. If you really like watching tv, surely any questions about tv can be answered by you easily. But, if you seldom watch tv, it may be a struggle for you to answer the quiz questions about tv in Bing.

Examples of Bing Quiz Questions About TV

The questions in the Bing quiz are various. The theme can be about sports, landmarks, region and many other things. If then you find the quiz questions are about tv, you need to know the answer. Below, we have some examples of quiz questions about tv which you can use as a practice. We also include the answer for you.

Bing TV Quiz


  • What is the film which won four awards at the Academy Awards in 2020 including Best Picture and Best Director?

The anwer: Parasite

  • From the TV series below, which one has not yet been turned into a big screen film?
  1. Friends
  2. Sex and The City
  3. The X Files

The answer: a. Friends

  • How many sequels are there to the original Jaws?

The answer: Three. Those are Jaws 2 in 1978, Jaws 3-D in 1983 and Jaws The Revenge in 1987.

  • What is the name of the girl acapella group that Anna Kendrick joins in Pitch Perfect?

The answer: The Barden Bellas

  • The first Disney/ Pixar feature-length release is…
  1. Toy Story
  2. B Bug’s Life
  3. Monster. Inc

The answer: a. Toy Story


  • Is it true or false that Chris Hemsworth once guest starred on an episode of Neighbours?

The answer: True. He plays car mechanic Jamie Kane in 2002.

  • How was cunning Clare Devine killed off in Hollyoaks?
  1. During a fight with Mercedes McQueen she got hit by Doctor Browning’s car.
  2. She got pushed off the balcony at the Loft.
  3. She drowned.

The answer: a. During a fight with Mercedes McQueen she got hit by Doctor Browning’s car.

  • From the options below, what is currently the longest-running daytime soap on American TV?
  1. The Bold and The Beautiful
  2. Days of Our Lives
  3. General Hospital

The answer: c. General Hospital

  • Which character got married in Corrie’s 50th anniversary live episode in 2010?

The answer: Peter Barlow and Leanne Battersby


  • What BBC teen drama did Declan Donnelly and Anthony McPartlin get their big break on?

The answer: Byker Grove

  • What is the name of Scooby-Doo’s annoying nephew?

The answer: Scrappy-Doo

  • What cartoon character has a pet snail who mews like a cat?

The answer: Spongebob Squarepants

  • The total of books in the original Harry Potter series are…

The answer: Seven

  • What 80s cartoon character was a pop singer with pink hair?

The answer: Jem

  • In the CBBC series, who provides the voice of Danger Mouse?

The answer: Alexander Armstrong

  • What is the name of the favourite computer game of Peppa Pig?

The answer: Happy Mrs Chicken


  • Who had to drop out of the Celebrity Masterchef final in this year after developing the symptoms of Coronavirus?

The answer: Gethin Jones

  • What ITV talent show did Hear’Say win in 2001?

The answer: Popstars

  • Before Meghan Markle became the Duchess of Sussex, what US TV legal drama did she star in?

The answer: Suits

  • Who were the first winners of Strictly Come Dancing in 2004?

The answer: Natasha Kaplinsky with dance partner Brendan Cole

  • Who other judge did Sharon Osbourne publicly slate when she left the X Factor in 2008?
  1. Simon Cowell
  2. Dannii Minogue
  3. Cheryl Cole

The answer: b. Dannii Minogue

  • Who was the winner of the first series of Celebrity Big Brother in 2001?

The answer: Jack Dee


  • What is the name of the biography of Michelle Obama?

The answer: Becoming

  • What is the name of the first novel of Sally Rooney?

The answer: Conversations With Friends

  • Which book by Stephen King was adapted into a TV series starring Ben Mendelsohn and Jason Bateman?

The answer: The Outsider

  • In the Alex Rider books, who is the teenager recruited by?

The answer: The Department of Special Operations, a secret sub-division of MI6.

  • Who is the author of Goosebumps books?

The answer: R.L. Stine

  • Do you know the 90s young adult horror fiction series included such titles as The Babysitter and Trick or Treat? What is it?

The answer: Point Horror

  • How many books are there in the original Twilight series by Stephanie Meyer?

The answer:

  • What is the name of the first ever James Bond novel by Ian Fleming which was published in 1953?

The answer: Four

  • The Girl On The Train by Paula Hawkins in the film version changes the story location to where?

The answer: Casino Royale

General Knowledge

  • In gameshow, Pointless how much does the cash jackpot start at in each episode?

The answer: £1,000

  • Who played Doctor Who when the sci-fi series returned to BBC One in 2005?

The answer: Christopher Eccelestone

  • Is it true or false that Countdown was the first programme shown when Channel 4 launched in 1982?

The answer: True

  • What did fitness coach Joe Wicks raise money for with his Youtube exercise classes during lockdown?

The answer: NHS

  • Who is currently the richest person in the world according to the annual Forbes list of billionaires?

The answer: Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon


  • There is a catchphrase: “Whatchoo talkin’ ’bout Willis?”. Which TV comedy character had this catchphrase?

The answer: Arnold Jackson in Diff’rent Strokes

  • In Fawlty Towers, which character has the catchphrase: “Ooh, I know!”

The answer: Sybil

  • In Catastrophe, where do Sharon and Rob first meet?

The answer: At a bar in London

  • The Big Bang Theory’s Mayim Balik also starred in which hit 90s comedy?

The answer: Blossom

  • There are more than 18 million people who watched this comedy special on Christmas Day in 2019. What is it?

The answer: Gavin and Stacey

  • Is it true that Kylie Minogue guest-starred in an episode of The Vicar Of Dibley?

The answer: True. She appears in Series One (1994) and helps save the Dibley fete.

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