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Bing offers you to play quizzes to know whether you really know your news or not. Some people are interested in playing Bing trends quiz. Usually, Bing trends quiz posts on Friday. It can be found in the “Popular Now” carousel which runs across the bottom of its homepage.

About Bing Trends Quiz

Usually, the Bing trends quiz will ask you the trend news. There are 10 questions from ten popular trends which occurred during the past week. If you play it, Bing will give you your score or point at the end of the quiz. Will you get a high score? To prove it, you have to try playing the quiz. We think that it will be a nice activity for you. As we said before that you are able to find the trend quiz in the “Popular Now” carousel which runs across the bottom of its homepage

Bing Trends Quiz

In the Bing quiz, you have to answer all the questions. Make sure that you are able to answer all questions correctly so that you will be able to get a high score. After you get your score, then you are able to share your score to your social media. The quiz is an interesting test to see how well you remember the hot news of the week. If you follow entertainment, culture, technology, and other news categories on a daily basis, we think you will be able to answer it easily.

Aside from the Bing trends quiz, there is the quiz from Bing which is also popular in the United States. Bing offers the weekly quiz which provides 7 questions and you have to get the answer. Also, it is posted on Friday. If you are interested to join in that quiz, simply you are able to go to Change your search settings to English. Then, you are able to open the carousel by tapping the icon which is at the bottom of the screen. If you see the Bing logo tagged “Bing Weekly Quiz”, please click it. Finally you are able to play the quiz.

How to take Bing quizzes?

For those who are interested in taking these Bing quizzes, you have two methods. The first method is taking the Bing Homepage quiz that you can find in the main page of Bing. After you logged in, you are going to see the quiz right under the search box, marked with an upper Q. Those quizzes are random. They can be about any subject. Usually, they are synchronized with the background image of Bing quiz.

Another method is taking the normal quizzes. You are going to find them in the Bing Fun section. There you are able to take different quizzes by category. Anything you like you will find them in those quizzes and you are able to browse for one which you really like. To enable see and take the quizzes, make sure that your language and country in the United States of America, since they are only available in that country. If you want to take them and you are outside, you are able to change your settings.

Most Popular Bing Quizzes of all time

Now, you may want to know the most popular Bing quizzes of all time. Well, we are going to share with you the most popular Bing quizzes. As we know, Bing tries to make quizzes about every possible subject. So, you are able to find quizzes about art, science, celebrities, food, music, history, news, trends, social media events, and so much more. But, some quizzes got more famous than others. The quizzes are very popular among the users of Bing. Some of them are considered the favorites. Please look at the list of the best Bing quizzes of all time.

Here are the most popular quizzes on Bing:

  • News Quiz
  • World Space Quiz
  • Scary Movie Quiz
  • Art Quiz
  • Wanderlust Quiz
  • Halloween Quiz
  • Education Quiz
  • Rugby World Cup Quiz
  • Meditation Quiz
  • Motor Racing Quiz
  • Premier League Quiz
  • Aurores Boreales Quiz

These quizzes above got millions of visits and they still are some of the favorites. They consist of some questions. The quizzes are short and easy to take. It is really simple to take and complete one of those tests and you will learn a lot through them.

Most difficult Bing Homepage quizzes of all time

On this list you are going to find different quizzes about different subjects. You are able to select one that you are interested in and learn more about this subject. Please take a look at the themes of the quizzes:

  • Literature Quiz
  • Dog Quiz
  • New Girl Quiz
  • Recycling Quiz
  • Stonehenge Quiz
  • NBA Quiz
  • Friends Quiz
  • Fitness Quiz

You will be able to select any of those quizzes and look at them on our page. There, you can already see the questions and solutions to some of them. Also, you will be able to search for more information if you need. These are a very fun and interesting test that you are able to share with your friends and family.

Reasons you must playing Bing Quiz

The first reason is that the Bing quizzes are very educational. Taking one of the quizzes you can really learn a lot about a simple subject. Do you want to know more about art or history? These quizzes can help you and they will share cool facts about everything that you might not know. The second reason why people like them so much is because they are challenging. If you are a true fan of something, you may want to test your knowledge on that subject. Another reason is because Bing offers a reward. If you take the quizzes, you are able to get points on your account. The more you play and use the platform, so the more points you will get. Those points can be exchanged for the rewards.

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