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If you like using Bing platform to do your searches all the time, then you may already noticed that Bing is implementing quizzes on their platform. Those quizzes are really short, simple and related to the news and events so everybody can participate in them. The main idea is that while you use Bing, you are able to learn something in only a few minutes. By the way, what is the top search quiz answer in Bing? Let us find out that information.

Top Search Quiz Answers on Bing

Based on the research, Bing homepage quiz became one of the most searched on Bing. Unfortunately, we cannot find an answer to what is the top search quiz answer in Bing exactly. But, we are able to say that lots of people who search the answer of Bing homepage quizzes. Of course, on Bing homepage quizzes, you are able to find lots of quizzes.

Top Search Quiz Answers on Bing

Here is a table of top 50 Bing search queries in the US (as of 2020):

# Keyword Search Volume
1 facebook 7,740,000
2 youtube 6,830,000
3 google 4,800,000
4 gmail 3,600,000
5 bing homepage quiz 3,310,000
6 amazon 2,830,000
7 bing 2,750,000
8 news for you 2,560,000
9 yahoo 2,240,000
10 ebay 2,050,000
11 top stories 2,030,000
12 facebook log in 1,910,000
13 weekly quiz 1,860,000
14 yahoo mail 1,620,000
15 walmart 1,160,000
16 us news 1,080,000
17 fox news 986,000
18 bing weekly quiz 964,000
19 google maps 934,000
20 weather 931,000
21 local 928,000
22 nfl 922,000
23 netflix 902,000
24 u.s. 816,000
25 hotmail 808,000
26 gmail login 792,000
27 782,000
28 mlb 745,000
29 craigslist 744,000
30 sports 739,000
31 msn 726,000
32 nba 722,000
33 world 720,000
34 espn 686,000
35 home depot 666,000
36 aol 654,000
37 nascar 639,000
38 entertainment 619,000
39 science 614,000
40 northeast 608,000
41 west 607,000
42 south 600,000
43 wwe 600,000
44 mma 593,000
45 midwest 592,000
46 soccer 588,000
47 nhl 585,000
48 technology 580,000
49 zillow 571,000
50 amazon prime 570,000

What is Bing Homepage Quiz?

Bing Homepage Quiz is one of popular online quizzes especially in the US. It is stunning to view that Bing created the new breakthroughs by engaging quiz on their homepage. Currently, you are able to see lots of people especially students and teachers are more likely to join with online quizzes, polls or even the games that will be able to enhance their skills and knowledge or only for fun. Even, actually in recent years until today, online quizzes and polls were the most shared content in social media like Facebook. Based on the research, Bing launched in 2009, we are able to see remarkable changes to its homepage since that. Right now Bing homepage has become a hotspot for fun and trivia quizzes.

As we know that a new feature in Bing homepage is the Bing Homepage Quiz. It is worth mentioning that the design is really fantastic to the visitors. Bing Homepage Quiz offers quizzes on a daily basis and available to everyone from any country. Every time you visit Bing homepage, you are going to notice a graduation cap icon with three questions quiz related to current events, and news. If you are a quiz lover and interested in online quiz games, you are able to go through and test your knowledge in Bing Homepage Quiz. This quiz will make you aware about current news and events.

How to use Bing Homepage Quiz

If you are one of quiz addicts and interested to play daily online quiz, there are some steps that you need to do.

  • At the first step, you have to go on and then search for the term “bing homepage quiz. The top result is the daily quiz with some questions. Also, you are able to use other sites which link to the Bing Homepage Quiz. Usually, those sites offer more features which links directly to Bing Quiz.
  • Now that you are inside the Bing Homepage Quiz, you will be able to see different quiz categories like Rewards Quiz, Geography Quiz, Celebrity Quiz and so on. You are able to answer the quizzes as much as you like without limitation. There will be a short question with three options on it.
  • In this step, you are able to try to play that quiz and be the winner.
  • After you get a high score, you will be able to share on your social media site like Facebook or twitter. Also, you are able to keep going with the quiz fun by taking quizzes from previous days.

Aside from that, Weekly quiz is also one of the cool features available in the Bing homepage. If you want to play Bing weekly quiz, first you are able to go to You need to change your search settings to English before you are able to open the carousel by tapping the icon which is at the bottom of the screen. Next, you are going to see a Bing logo tagged “Bing Weekly Quiz”, just tap or click on it. After that, you are able to join the quiz that you like. You are going to get the entertainment and the nice experience from the Bing weekly quiz. There are some questions and you have to try and guess the right answer.

For your information, Bing Homepage Quiz and Weekly Quiz provides up to date online quizzes so that the people are able to know about current news and events while they are entertained and get good knowledge. Also, Bing started online testing polls that gives its users and fans an opportunity to weigh in on current events and trending topics. Bing users are able to review polls.

What people are searching for on Bing platform as of 2020?

In addition, we are also going to inform you about what people are searching for on Bing platform as of 2020. Here is the data:

  • Top 100 most searched queries on Bing (US): The most popular searches (by volume) for the US as of 2020.
  • Top 100 most searched queries on Bing (Worldwide): The same data as above, however global stats. It means that global search volumes.

For note: A quick tip for those of you doing Bing keyword research. You are able to find Bing search volumes for 117 million keywords in Ahrefs’ Keywords Explorer, the keyword research tool.

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