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Bing is applying a new way to make their users interact more with the platform and also to make an educational moment for everyone. Now you are able to find many quizzes on the page. But, what can you get for taking Bing Quizzes?

You will be able to get a reward for answering these Bing quizzes. Microsoft has a reward program where you are able to get points and then exchange them for prizes like gift cards. The Bing quizzes are included in the program, and you get points if you answer the question correctly. It is a really simple method to make more points daily.

Bing Surveys for Points Quiz

Quiz of Bing Surveys for Points

Aside from the Windows Spotlight quiz, there is a daily quiz that you can take in Bing. That one is called Bing Weekly Quiz which is also known as Bing Surveys or Bing Questions for Points. So, what is Bing Weekly Quiz or Bing Questions for Points? For your information, Bing Weekly Quiz or Bing Surveys for Points is the term to call the quiz provided by Bing. This one is very popular in the United States. It is addictive and fun, thus many people love to play it every day. Aside from having fun, this quiz will also be good to obtain the knowledge. On top of that, Bing Weekly Quiz or Bing Surveys for Points offers awesome rewards such as free Robux.

By the way, what is the topic and questions of Bing Surveys/Questions for Points? The topic and the questions of it are various, from events, music, news, and so on. Usually, there is no specific topic. As for the questions, they are regarding the events, news, technology, culture, music, and many more that happen around the world.

How to play Bing Surveys for Points?

If you want to try playing Bing Weekly Quiz or Bing Questions for Points, here are steps to do:

  • First of all, you have to visit the official website of Bing. If the search engine settings is in any other language than English, you need to change it first to English.
  • After that, you are able to open the carousel that can be done by tapping the icon.
  • When you see the Bing logo tagged on Bing Weekly Quiz or Bing Questions for Points, you have to click on it.
  • Then, you will be able to join in the quiz. When you go to the quiz option, it will prompt you 10 questions from top popular categories. Please keep in mind that all the news will be from the past week.
  • Once you give all the answers to the questions, Bing is going to show you the score or the point that you get. In the end, the points which you have can be converted to the rewards.

After the feature of Bing called Bing Weekly Quiz was launched in less than one month, more than 70% of users have joined the program. Thus, based on the fact, Bing updates its homepage regularly. They offer many quizzes so that many people can know about the newest news and earn the reward at the same time. Also, Bing added the polls feature which is one of the latest features of Bing Weekly Quiz or Bing Questions for Points. With this new feature, you will be able to review the polls and get points to convert them into cash afterward. The more points you get from the quiz, so the more money you can make. Because it benefits, we suggest you play the quiz every day.

Bing Lightspeed Quiz – Earn 40 Points

When you look for the biggest quiz about Microsoft Rewards, the Lightspeed quiz is the answer. This quiz will generate 40 Microsoft Prize Points. Yes, your prize points are going to increase dramatically. If you want to reach 200 points to redeem prizes, then you are able to take this quiz to reach it quickly. There are lots of gift cards, sweepstakes, and more items in the prize. Need to note that each prize has a minimum point to be redeemed. The minimum prize point to draw is 0, but 0 point draws is really rare. Usually, the draw needs 200 points. Also, you are able to exchange points for gift cards, starting at 200 points.

The Lightspeed quiz offers the biggest points among Microsoft quizzes. The good news is that this Lightspeed quiz is easy to take and to get points. It is very easy to get points because whatever your answer is true or false, you are going to get 40 points. Microsoft uses a unique method to improve Bing users. On the Bing search engine, the Bing quiz is carried. Every answer on the quiz will trigger Bing search. When you play this quiz you get a topic. Each query has 9 seconds to answer. So, you need to answer it quickly.

Other tips on how to get Microsoft Rewards Points quickly

There are some tips and tricks you can do to earn more Microsoft Rewards faster.

  • Bing Searches

You are able to get points every time you search for something online on Bing. You will be able to double the points on some weekends.

  • Bonus quests, quizzes and other offers

Aside from Bing searches, another great way to get Microsoft Rewards points is to use Microsoft Edge to perform some fun tasks under Bing’s daily quests and quizzes. The Edge bonus will rack you up a nice 30 points each, with varying themes according to the season and trends.

  • Invite friends

You are able to get 100 credits for every referral who reaches Silver status.

  • Mobile searches

You will be able to get 1 credit for every 2 searches you perform in Bing via your mobile device.

  • Bing Rewards Dashboard

Please check the Bing Rewards dashboard regularly to see offers that are worth 1 point each once you complete a task.

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