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Are you a superhero movie lover? We guess that you really recognize all superheroes which appear in movies, don’t you? As we know, the two biggest superheroes comics come from Marvel and DC which are finally adapted into movies. Of course, each superhero has their own strength and also weapons which they use to fight enemies.

Well, you may be interested to take a quiz about superheroes that you can do in your spare time. However, taking a superheroes quiz for anyone who loves the superheroes comic is such a fun way to get rid of stress. That’s why this post provides plenty of quizzes with superheroes to have fun in your saturated time.

Bing Superheroes Quiz

Here Are the Examples of Superheroes Quiz on Bing

1. Who is the superhero who has excellent archery skills?

a. Spiderman
b. Hawkeye
c. Green Lantern
d. Daredevil

The answer is b. Hawkeye
Fact: Hawkeye refers to the name of two characters in Marvel Comics. One is Clint Barton and the second one is Kate Bishop who started out as a member of the Young Avengers.

2. Who is Marvel Superhero who protects the earth?

a. Doctor Strange
b. Doctor Doom
c. Zatara
d. Black Bolt

The answer is a. Doctor Strange
Fact: Doctor Strange is played by Benedict Cumberbatch as the star of British TV series named Sherlock. In the Marvel film, he plays Dr. Steve Strange’s love interest, Christine Palmer.

3. What is the name of Batman’s loyal assistant?

a. Albert Pennyworth
b. Peter Pennyworth
c. Dave Pennyworth
d. Alfred Pennyworth

The answer is d. Alfred Pennyworth

4. What is Thor’s weapon?

a. Hammer
b. A shield
c. A lightsaber
d. Sword

The answer is a. Hammer

5. Superman is also known as…

a. The Dark Knight
b. The Spandex Superhero
c. Supez
d. The Caped Crusader

The answer is d. The Caped Crusader

6. Which superhero uses a magic lasso?

a. Stinky Pete
b. Joker
c. Wonder woman
d. Sheriff Woody

The answer is c. Wonder woman

7. In which city does Spider-Man live?

a. Los Angeles
b. Abderdeen
c. Canada
d. New York

The answer is d. New York

8. Who is the superhero who first appeared in Marvel Universe in 1962?

a. The Abomination
b. She-Hulk
c. Mr. Sinister
d. The Hulk

The answer is d. The Hulk
Fact: Hulk is represented as a gray and green creature which has turned from Bruce Banner as sunset and then anger. Hulk has been both of low intellect and very eloquent.

9. Superhero who started out as Russian spy is…

a. Black Widow
b. Mystique
c. Captain Marvel
d. Mockingbird

The answer is a. Black Widow
Fact: Natasha Romanov is not only the person in Marvel to bear the name of Black Widow. The others are Yelena Belova, Claire Voyant and also Petra.

10. A superhero who is popular with metallic characters is..

a. Captain America
b. The Hulk
c. Iron Man
d. Doctor Doom

The answer is c. Iron Man
Fact: Iron Man was the film which established the Marvel Cinematic Universe and also re-established Robert Downey Jr.’s Career.

11. What are Wolverine’s claws made for?

a. Adamantium
b. Iron
c. Copper
d. Papier-mache

The answer is a. AdamantiumFact: Adamantium is the iron which is said to be stronger than Vibranium, which is used as the raw material for Wolverine’s claw nails.

12. This superhero is blind after an accident involving hazardous waste, who is he?

a. The Flash
b. Thanos
c. Daredevil
d. Hawkeye

The answer is c. DaredevilFact
Fact: He is a blind lawyer who fights crime as a vigilante at night.

13. Carol Danvers in which superhero?

a. Captain Marvel
b. Black Widow
c. Wonder Woman
d. Batgirl

The answer is a. Captain Marvel
Fact: She was originally a space pilot, it is said that she got her super powers from an alien nation.

14. Captain America’s real name is…

a. Clark Kent
b. Bruce Wayne
c. Tony Stark
d. Steve Rogers

The answer is d. Steve Rogers
Fact: Steve Rogers is a US soldier who has no capabilities at all. Thanks to Dr. Joshef Reinstein with his super soldier serum.

15. Bruce Banner will turn into … when he is angry.

a. Black Panther
b. Hulk
c. Iron Man
d. Ant-man

The answer is b. Hulk
Fact: Hulk is represented as a gray and green creature which has turned from Bruce Banner as sunset and then anger. Hulk has been both of low intellect and very eloquent.

16. Which superhero is known as Princess Diana of Themyscira in her homeland?

a. Wonder Woman
b. Superwoman
c. Supergirl
d. Zatanna

The answer is a. Wonder Woman
Fact: The first actress who portrayed Wonder Woman in a live-action feature film is Gal Gadot. The other actresses are Lynda Carter, Cathy Lee Crosby and Adrienne Palicki.

17. Who is the founder of the X-Men?

a. Hank McCoy
b. Cyclops
c. Professor X
d. Christopher Pike

The answer is c. Professor X
Fact: Professor X has multiple personality disorders. That’s not a great thing to have when you are a powerful psionic mutant.

18. A masked superhero whose alter ego is…

a. Robin Hood
b. Batman
c. Bat-Mite
d. Captain America

The answer is b. Batman
Fact: Batman is played by Ben Affleck as the latest actor. The previous actor includes Lewis Wilson (1943), Robert Lowery (1949), Adam West (1966-68, and 1979), Michael Keaton (1989-92), Val Kilmer (1995), George Clooney (1997) and Christian Bale (from 2005-12).

19. Who is the DC Comics superhero created in 1939?

a. Black Adam
b. Shazam
c. Starman
d. Superman

The answer is b. Shazam
Fact: Shazam is an acronym which stands for S: Solomon’s wisdom, H: Hercules’s Strength, A: Atlas’s stamina, Z: Zeus’s power, A: Achilles’s courage and M: Mercury’s speed.

20. A superhero who has the real name of Wade Wilson is…

a. Daredevil
b. Deadpool
c. Deadshot
d. Deadman

The answer is b. Deadpool
Fact: Deadpool initially has contracted cancer. Then, the spread of his cancer was originally stopped by an infusion from Wolverine during their Project X days.

Well, those are all superheroes quizzes that may appear on Bing.

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