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If you want to take Summer Travel Quiz, the questions are going to be related to travelling objects in Summer that people can visit. Besides, it is able also the needs that people have to bring when they go holiday in Summer. You may can take the quiz in the internet to test your knowledge.

A Summer travel quiz can be taken so that you are able to know some information regarding the things that you have to know about summer travelling. Here, we have some examples questions about summer travel questions in quiz. The question can be about what type of summer traveler you are. We all know that some people are able to bring anything when they go on holiday but some others decide to be a simple traveler.

Here are some examples of questions for Summer travel:

1. How do you feel about travel in summer?

A. I enjoy it
B. I prefer mild weather
C. I am not enjoy because the weather is hot
D. Not excited

2. What kind of travel activity do you like in summer?

A. Hiking via an awesome mountain
B. Exploring the historic monuments
C. Soaking up the sunshine on a beach
D. Wandering through an art museum

3. Which dish do you like to eat when you travel in summer?

A. Spaghetti bolognaise
B. Omelet with onions and potatoes
C. Fries with cheese
D. Potatoes and roast chicken

4. When you visit a place, when do you prefer?

A. Peak season
B. Non peak season
C. Anytime
D. All true

5. The English word summer developed from what Proto Germanic word for the season?

A. zimer
B. sumaraz
C. sama
D. bumhot

6. Summer solstice occurs on what 2-sequential days in the Northern hemisphere?

A. On June 20-21st
B. On July 14-15th
C. On July 20-21st
D. On August 9-10th

7. The most traditional birthstone for the month of August is what?

A. Diamond
B. Topaz
C. Pearl
D. Peridot

8. What are the three summer signs of the Zodiac?

A. Gemini, Cancer and Leo
B. Scorpio, Sagittarius and Capricorn
C. Cancer, Leo and Virgo
D. Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces

9. According to United States agricultural statistics what three fresh fruits outsell all others during the course of summer?

A. grapes, blueberries and peaches
B. peaches, watermelon and tomatoes
C. tomatoes, watermelons and lemons
D. blackberries, blueberries and coconuts

10. In the United States which of the following observances that does not take place in the summer time?

A. National Sandwich Month
B. National Ice Cream Month
C. National Barbecue Month
D. National Watermelon Month

11. According to hospital statistics in the United States what summer recreation historically claims the least number of injuries and fatalities each and every year?

A. volleyball
B. swimming in a pool
C. fishing
D. skinny dipping

12. In the United States what is the most popular selling grilling meat throughout the summer?

A. hamburgers
B. hotdogs
C. chicken
D. vegan patties

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