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Are you a sportsman? If so, what kind of sport that you like? Of course, you really love anything about sport, do you? However, to be a good sportsman, practicing a kind of sport is not enough for you. Certainly, you will need the theory about a sport that you like. Without the theory, definitely you will not know how to do the sport as well.

Unfortunately, learning about the theory of sport can be something bored for you. Besides, it will take your time to get the knowledge. As an alternative, you can choose some quiz that provides the question in a fun way. By taking the quiz, automatically, you will increase your knowledge about the sport.

Well, in this case, we are going to share some Bing Sports Bloopers Quizzes. For each question, you should answer it carefully. If you get the high score, absolutely you will get a chance to earn the rewards from Bing. Here are the quizzes:

1. NFL kicker Bill Gramatica tore his ACL doing what?

a. Tackling a lineman
b. Kicking a field goal
c. Celebrating a converted field goal
The answer is c. Celebrating a converted field goal

2. When LeBron James gave a garbled post-game interview in 2007, what was his excuse?

a. He was just there so he would not get fined
b. He was exhausted
c. He did not go to college
The answer is c. He did not go to college

3. In a 2009 viral video, what did a 3-year-old do with the foul ball her dad caught at a Phillies game?

a. Gave it to another fan
b. Threw it back
c. Dipped it in nacho cheese sauce
The answer is b. Threw it back

4. Who blocked the end zone in an infamous 1982 college football game?

a. Save the whales activists
b. The marching band
c. 12 Angry cheerleaders
The answer is b. The marching band

5. Which sport was part of the Olympics at one point?

a. Croquet
b. Tug of war
c. Both
The answer is c. Both

6. What on-field accident happened to the NFL’s Rob Gronkowski twice during his career?

a. Stopped to wave to fans
b. Lost his pants
c. Ran into wrong end zone
The answer is b. Lost his pants

7. In 1923, Red Sox rookie pitcher Clarence Blethen injured himself by?

a. Falling on his own set of false teeth
b. Walking in front of a flying bat
c. Doing a backflip on the pitcher’s mound
The answer is a. Falling on his own set of false teeth

8. Which singer forgot the words to the national anthem at the Super Bowl in 2011?

a. Fergie
b. Christina Aguilera
c. Janet Jackson
The answer is b. Christina Aguilera

9. Which basketball legend is known for his repertoire of hilarious golf swings?

a. Michael Jordan
b. Larry Bird
c. Charles Barkley
The answer is c. Charles Barkley

10. What did Serena Williams wear during her first match at the 2018 US open?

a. Tutu
b. Catsuit
c. Superhero cape
The answer is a. Tutu

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