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When you decide to taking the quiz UNESCO Pompeii, you may need to know more about Pompeii. In this article, we are going to share some information regarding Pompeii. Even, we are going to share some example of questions. Therefore, you do not go anywhere and keep staying on this article.


1. Where is Pompeii located?

A. France
B. Italy
C. Spain

2. How far is Mt. Vesuvius from Pompeii?

A. 20.2 miles
B. 13.5 miles
C. 4.3 miles

3. What year did Mt. Vesuvius erupt?

A. 237 BC
B. 79AD
C. 227AD

4. What would have been the first sign which Mt. Vesuvius was about to erupt?

A. The animals began fleeing the area.
B. There were the earthquakes throughout the region.
C. The sky would be dark and there was a smell of sulfur.

5. If the Romans had known about Mt. Vesuvius history, would that information have saved them survive?

A. No, because there were no eruptions previously.
B. Yes, they would known regarding two earlier catastrophic eruptions which wiped out all populations.
C. No, previous eruptions were different and insignificant that the information would have been meaningless.

6. On the day of eruption the wind blew inland from the southeast. If the winds came from the north and blew out to sea, would you have experienced less devastation?

A. No, the winds create the little difference to volcanic eruptions.
B. No, the force of the eruption was powerful that nothing was going to stop it.
C. Yes, the wind would have blown the volcano debris out over the bay and then it would have caused less damage.

8. Do you know what was the major cause of destruction Pompeii?

A. Mountain Vesuvius erupted a few times that causing lava to flow through the city and turn it to the ashes.
B. Mountain Vesuvius produced the large size boulders which crushed and covered the city.
C. Mountain Vesuvius eruption would dropped the hot gas and then ashes covering the city.

9. How many people survived?

A. Only 10 people survived.
B. Almost everyone survived.
C. No one survived.

Well, the text above is a list of example of questions for the quiz Pompeii. In addition, we want also to share some facts of Pompeii.


  • Pompeii was an ancient city in the southern Italy.
  • The city of Pompeii was built at the foot of the volcano, Mt Vesuvius.
  • Pompeii predates Roman rule. Historians think that it was a settlement built by the Oscan civilization in the 6th century BC. Then, it was controlled by the Samnites.
  • The city grew over the years and the original wooden buildings were slowly removed with the structures of brick and stone.
  • Pompeii was developing into a flourishing city port during the first century AD. It was a prosperous resort for lots of wealthy visitors.
  •  In 62 AD, a severe earthquake did a significant amount of damage to Pompeii’s buildings. It took some years to rebuild the city after the damage and many of the residents that relocated to other Roman cities.

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