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How much do you know about Stonehenge? Are you interested to look for the facts about Stonehenge? What make you so excited to find anything about it? Of course, to find lots of facts about Stonehenge, the first thing that you have to do is to search any sources which explain about it.

Surely for you who really desire to know any facts about this exotic and futuristic historical building, it is so better for you to learn and find the true facts as well. But, if you learn for it as like at school, we guess that you will be bored to find it. Well, for its solution, we recommend you to follow any knowledge quiz presented with a fun way.

One of fun quizzes is Bing Quiz that allows you to complete for 10 questions. Then, the Stonehenge quiz is also provided on Bing that you can answer to get any rewards. Besides, to follow any Bing Quiz, you automatically will feel fun when looking for the facts about something at once.

Here are some quizzes about Stonehenge that you can find at

1. As we have known well that Stonehenge is one of the most futuristic prehistoric monument in Europe. Then, where is exactly the Stonehenge?
a. Wales
b. England
c. Scotland
The answer is B. (England)

2. What does mean for “Stonehenge’s Bluestones”?

a. The biggest stones at Stonehenge
b. Stones quarried and transported to Stonehenge from far away
c. Stone which were originally painted bright blue with traces of pigment still visible
The answer is B. (Stones quarried and transported to Stonehenge from far away)

3. How did the ways for the bluestones get from Wales to Stonehenge?

a. The ancient engineers have used the ropes, levers and wooden sledges to do it
b. The ancient pilots have used the giants’ carts to carry the stones to Stonehenge
c. The ancient mariners has put the giants rocks on boats and used the Great Britain Network of rivers to transport then to Stonehenge
The answer is A. (The ancient engineers have used the ropes, levers and wooden sledges to do it)

4. What is the meaning of “Stonehenge’s sarsen”?

a. Stonehenge’s concentric circles of stone
b. It means smooth and small stones used as offerings at Stonehenge
c. It is large locally quarried sandstone blocks
The answer is C. (It is large locally quarried sandstone blocks)

5. How did the Ancient Druids use the Stonehenge?

a. The ancient Druids has nothing to do with Stonehenge
b. The ancient Druids used Stonehenge as a place of worship
c. The ancient Druids used the Stonehenge as an astronomical observatory
The answer is A. (The ancient Druids has nothing to do with Stonehenge)

Those are for the example for Stonehenge quiz that you can find on Bing. Generally, you’ll find the Bing quiz with 10 questions. But, in this chance, we just share a half of it. So, it is your job to find any quizzes about Stonehenge on other sources from internet. Good Luck!!!

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