Bing Quiz Not Showing Up (Not Loading)

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The Bing homepage of Microsoft now has a new daily quiz withthe intention to drive engagement and broaden the horizons of Bing users with trivia. It is called Bing Quiz. Do you want to know more about the Bing Quiz? Do not stop reading.

Bing Quiz is the offshoot of the previous feature of the Bing wallpaper that would offer up the interesting trivia about the current wallpaper being displayed. If you want to give a try a quiz called Bing Quiz, please take the following steps:

  1. The first thing that you need to do is to go to the official website of Bing.
  2. Then, the Bing homepage should show the icon with the scholastic cap on it.
  3. The next thing that you need to do is to click on the said icon.
  4. In the end, there will be a short question with 3 options on it, answering it triggers the rest of the quiz.

While you are free to try one of the suggestions by Microsoft, there are two other questions that promptly show themselves after the first one is correctly answered. Apparently, all of them are related and if you are the kind of person to take the educational quizzes on the search engines, they will not be much of a bother.

What is the Bing Quiz is not showing up or not loading? If you encounter this situation, please check the Settings. Just like many other features of Bing, this Bing Quiz requires you to be in the United States or actively change your Bing region to the USA from the settings menu. After changing the region, you can go back to the homepage of Bing and check if you are able to see the Bing Quiz now. Actually, there is another thing that you can try to change. It is the language. If your default language is not English, please switch it right away to English. There might be a possibility of you cannot see the quiz even after changing the region. The best thing that you can do is to wait for a while as the change might take a while. If you are still not able to see the quiz even after 24 hours, then you can try to reach out the customer service of Bing. Please tell them about the situation clearly and ask for the best solution. Aside from that, you can also try to find the community of Bing and ask the members of the community about the issue that you are facing.

Bing Quiz is such a fun quiz. There are a lot of categories available such as entertainment, technology, culture, and the other news categories. If you want to test your knowledge about many things, this quiz would be such a perfect one to take. On top of that, this quiz can give you points that can be redeemed to get the rewards. Are you cannot wait to take Bing Quiz?

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