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In Bing, there is quiz that you are able to take. When you take the quiz, it will be better if you know about the thing which become the theme of the quiz. For example is about Aurora Borealis. If you take Aurora Borealis quiz in Bing, the questions of the quiz of course will be about Aurora Borealis. Here, we are going to explain briefly what Aurora Borealis is and also some examples of quiz questions about it.

Aurora Borealis is also called Northern Lights. It offers an entrancing, magical, and dramatic display that can fascinate all people who see it. It is important to know that the lights of the aurora are collisions between electrically charged particles from the sun and they enter the atmosphere of the earth. The lights are able to be seen above the magnetic poles of the northern and southern hemisphere. Aurora appear in a lot of colours even though pale green and pink are the most common. Also, there are shades like red, yellow, green, blue and violet which have been reported.

Since the phenomenon happens near the magnetic poles, so Aurora Borealis have been seen as far south as New Orleans in the western hemisphere while the same locations in the east never experience the mysterious light. The best places to be able to see the lights in North America are in the northwestern parts of Canada, especially Nunavut, Yukon, Northwest Territories and Alaska. Also, Aurora can be seen over the southern tip of Greenland and Iceland, over the coastal waters north of Siberia and the northern coast of Norway.

What are the questions about Aurora Borealis in Bing quiz? Here are some examples of the quiz questions.

1. Where can the Northern Lights found?

a. New Jersey
b. Zimbabwe
c. Alaska

2. What is the most color of the Northern Lights commonly?

a. Purple
b. Red
c. Green

3. What is another name of Aurora Borealis?

a. Northern Lights
b. Aplysiacalifornica
c. Branta Canadensis

4. The name of Aurora Borealis is named after the Roman Goddess. What is it?

a. Dawn
b. Sun
c. Wind

5. The plasma particles bump with what and make Aurora Borealis?

a. The light of sun
b. The atmosphere of earth
c. Metroid
d. Bob’s head

6. Where can we see Aurora Borealis on the earth?

a. Cuba
b. Australia
c. Taiwan
d. Japan

By the existence of quiz in Bing, people become more interested in accessing Bing. The quiz is provided on its homepage. Bing offers a lot of quizzes and if you want to be able to answer the quiz correctly, of course you have to learn much. So, if you want to get a lot of scores in Bing Aurora Borealis Quiz, you have to learn much about Aurora Borealis. However, if you want to make this quiz as your activity for spending your spare time, it is okay. You can make this quiz also for fun and after you took the quiz, you are able to share the quiz on your Twitter account or Facebook account so that other people can take the Aurora Borealis quiz of Bing as well.

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