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Parrots have always been one of the most popular kinds of birds in the world. They are special and well loved. You might see them on the shoulder of a pirate or feature on some shows revealing some kind of embarrassing information about the guest.

The topic about parrots might be brought up by the Bing Quiz. As you probably know, Bing Quiz provided by one of the most popular search engines named Bing covers a lot of subjects, including animals. The quiz can also be more specific by featuring the questions about the specific things like parrots.

Bing Parrots Quiz

The questions related to the parrots asked by the Bing Quiz vary from the types of parrots, the habitat, the habit, their favorite meals, and so on. If you want to get the right answer when you are asked about parrots, practicing the quiz related to parrots is best. Here are some examples of the questions related to parrots.

1. How many species of parrots exist in the world?

a. 250
b. 350
c. 500

2. What is the natural habitat of parrots?

a. Sparsely populated countryside
b. Cooler regions
c. Tropical and subtropical regions

3. How many native parrots were there in the Uncle Sam country?

a. One, the Carolina parakeet
b. Macaws and cockatoos
c. 10 different species

4. How many toes are owned by the parrots?

a. Two
b. Three
c. Four

5. What makes the parrot unique compared to the other birds?

a. Parrots can talk.
b. Parrots hold food in one foot and balances on the other.
c. Parrots have bright multi-colored plumage.

6. How long is the longest parrot that exists?

a. 40 inches (1 m)
b. 50 inches (1.25 m)
c. 60 inches (1.5 m)

7. What method is used by the parrots to communicate?

a. Head gestures
b. Whistling
c. Squawking

8. What is the normal meal for a diet eaten by the carrots?

a. Lizards and chameleons
b. Plants, fruit, and seeds
c. Tadpoles

9. Do parrots make nests?

a. Male builds a nest
b. Nest in holes in trees or in rock crevices
c. Take nests from smaller birds

10. What is the partnership policy of the bigger parrots?

a. Tend to be polygamous
b. Depends on age and fertility of female
c. Tend to be monogamous

11. What is the uniqueness of the owl parrot of New Zealand?

a. The owl parrot does not really fly. Rather than flying, they love to climb trees and then glide down to the ground.
b. It eats smaller invertebrates such as insects.
c. It is the one parrot that cannot mimic the human voice.

12. What is the reason for people keeping parrots as pets?

a. Easy to take care of
b. Admire their beauty, intelligence, and ability to mimic
c. Keep flies the other insects away

13. Which one from the Old World species is considered the best mimic?

a. Great yellow beak
b. Cockatiel
c. African grey

14. How varied does the diet of a pet parrot need to be?

a. Usually seeds and grains
b. Fresh fruit and vegetables, grains, seeds and well done lean fish or meat
c. They eat anything

15. How much attention is needed by the parrot?

a. Need to be left alone mostly
b. Need to be released from their cages once a week
c. Need playful interaction

16. Do parrots show neurotic behavior?

a. If they are neglected or abused they scream excessively and pull their feathers.
b. Only in mating season do parrots behave in strange ways.
c. Parrots are totally consistent in their behavior.

17. How long can the larger species of carrot live in the cage?

a. 20 years
b. 40 years
c. 60 years

18. What is the reason that makes parrots the most threatened groups of birds in the world?

a. Fall prey to predators such as eagles
b. Loss of natural habitat and collection as pets
c. Global warming

19. What is the most popular one to pet?

a. Budgerigars
b. Macaw
c. Cockatiel

20. Which one is known as an opera singer?

a. Canary winged parakeet
b. Macaw
c. Yellow headed Amazons

21. When is the time when it is normal for the parrots to be most vocal?

a. Dawn and noon
b. Sunset and noon
c. Noon and midnight
d. Dawn and sunset

22. Which thing can be deadly for the parrots?

a. Teflon
b. Strawberries
c. Apple wood
d. Aluminum foil

23. Do you agree that there is something wrong if you hear your parrots making a strange noise at night?

a. I do
b. I do not

24. Which one could indicate a health issue with your parrots?

a. Swollen eyelids
b. Changes in the droppings of the parrots
c. Changes in appearance
d. All of them

25. Which one has visual differences between males and females?

a. Eclectus
b. Macaw
c. Amazon
d. African Grey

26. What is one of the most popular and well known large parrots?

a. Spix macaw
b. Military macaw
c. Blue and gold macaw

27. What is the name of a rare and beautiful parrot?

a. Galah cockatoo
b. Golden conure
c. Yellow headed Amazon

28. Which of the following are liked by parrots?

a. Bacteria
b. Fungus
c. Rotting flesh
d. Fruit, seeds, nuts, flowers, buds, and small insects

29. Parrots mostly have a lot of bright colors, except…

a. Green
b. Red
c. Yellow
d. Black

30. Who is the popular historical figure that had parrots as pets?

a. Prince and Princess of Wales
b. Winston Churchill and King Henry VIII
c. Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini
d. Queen Victoria and King Albert

By taking a lot of quizzes about the parrots, you should be able to take the Bing Parrot Quiz. Since parrots are counted as birds, you are also encouraged to take the quizzes related to birds. Apart from taking the quizzes, you can also read some books and browse through the internet if you want to know more about parrots.

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