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You are not probably strange with the term of Oscar, are you? The term of Oscars is related to the Award to appreciate the parties involved in film industry. Oscars is also popularly known as Academy Awards. The Awards are an international recognition of excellent in cinematic achievement as assesses by the Academy’s voting membership.

Generally, in this award, the various category winners are awarded a copy of a golden statue called Academy Award of Merit. Due to this is the biggest award in industry film in the world. Of course, all about facts of this award are represented on some quizzes, especially Bing Quiz. Not only for this year, surely Bing always provide the quizzes about Oscars on the homepage.

For this case, the Oscars quiz can be a chance for everyone who really wants to know about the winner and nominee. As we have known that Bing presents the quiz about anything completed with score. Certainly, it makes the people who take the quiz getting the easy to see their score.

If you desire to take the Bing Oscars Quiz and get the highest score, of course, the main thing that you have to do is by practicing to take the sample of quiz. Well, in this page, we show you some of Bing Oscars Quiz for practicing that hopefully can help you to get high score.
Here are the quizzes:

1.Joanquin Phoenix earned a Best Actor nomination for playing which Villain?

a. Dr. Doom
b. Loki
c. The Joker
The answer is c. The Joker

2. Which performer could become the second black woman to win Best Actress?

a. Halle Berry
b. Lupita Nyong’o
c. Cynthia Erivo
The answer is Cynthia Erivo

3. Which Best Picture contender is also up for the Best International Feature Film?

a. Jojo Rabbit
b. Parasite
c. 1917
The answer is b. Parasite

4. Which filmmaker is not among the five nominated for Best Director?

a. Martin Scorsese
b. Greta Gerwig
c. Todd Phillips
The answer is b. Greta Gerwig

5. Which songwriter is nominated for Best Original Song for a tune features in a biopic about him?

a. Freddie Mercury
b. Billy Joel
c. Elton John
The answer is c. Elton John

6. Which performer is nominated for two acting Oscars?

a. Margot Robbie
b. Adam Driver
c. Scarlett Johansson
The answer is c. Scarlett Johansson

7. What unusual trait of Best Picture nominee ‘1917’ netted it a Best Cinematography nomination too?

a. Filmed in night vision
b. Appears as one continous shot
c. Shot with antique cameras
The answer is b. Appears as one continuous shot

8. The conclusion to which mega-blockbuster series is up for Best Visual Effects?

a. Star Wars
b. Avengers
c. Both are correct
The answer is c. Both are correct

9. Which of these films is not nominated for Best Animated Feature?

a. Klaus
b. The Lion King
c. Missing Link
The answer is b. The Lion King

10. Which formerly retired star is up for the Best Supporting Actor?

a. Joe Pesci
b. Gene Hackman
c. Randy Quaid
The answer is a. Joe Pesci

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