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Bing can give people news which are happened around the world. So, in Bing you are able to find news from different countries and region. If you are interested in news, you are able to try to take Bing News Quiz This Week. If you take the quiz, the questions will be about the news which happened in that week. So, you are able to take this quiz for knowing how much information that you know about news this week.

It is fun to take this quiz since you will be able to measure your knowledge about news in that week and then you will be able to get scores from the quiz. The questions of the quiz are concerning the viral information that happening and took place all over the world. Bing makes this news quiz to be able to boost the site visitors into the search engine. If you are able to anwer the quiz and then you get points, you are able to redeem your points. To earn Microsoft Reward Points, you have to make sure that you have a Microsoft Bank account.

The News Quiz of Bing will cover updates from various sections such as:

  • The things which are happening in the US and in the world around;
  • Entertainment sector;
  • The recent political events and also teh inventions about technology round the year;
  • The opinions of great leaders around the world
  • Common streams, crimes and other miscellaneous stories

Why do we have to take this new quiz on Bing? There are several reasons of why you have to take this quiz. Here are the reasons.

  • The quiz is about the weekly occurrence like other Bing weekly quizzes.
  • This quiz can test your knowledge with the events happening around the world.
  • By this quiz, you are able to enhance the technical and social knowlege.
  • Like other quizzes and games, if you are lucky you are able to win free rewards and prices.
  • The rewards from this quiz are Microsoft reward points and you are able to redeem the points to be able to buy something from Microsoft store and discounts.

You may have not take this quiz and you wonder the form of questions in the quiz. Here, we have some examples of news quiz in Bing and you are able to learn them.

1. The Senate voted 55 to 45 to limit the power of President Trump to wage war against…

a. Venezuela
b. Syria
c. North Korea
d. Iran

2. Whose governor declared a state of emergency as the Pearl River was expected to crest and cause historic flooding?

a. Missouri
b. Mississippi
c. Georgia
d. Kentucky

3. What party was rejected for its ties to decades-old sectarian violence, won the popular vote in the general election of Ireland?

a. Fianna Fail
b. Fine Gael
c. Green
d. Sinn Fein

4. The NBA All Star game is held in … and it started with tributes to Kobe Bryant and his daughter.

a. Los Angeles
b. San Francisco
c. New York City
d. Chicago

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