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A lot of people like to play quiz which all about the general and social knowledge. By playing different kids of quizzes, you are able to learn about different types of things and also are able to know about the knowledge in a certain field. Sometimes, the thing gets more interesting when you are able to earn rewards by playing quizzes.

Bing Weekly Quiz is the one quiz that offers you to check your knowledge about the news that happens around the week. This one comes with 7 questions for every user every Friday. For those who are interested to play the quiz, then you just have to visit the official website of Bing. However, if your search engine settings is in any other language than English, you have to change it first. in order to open carousel, you have to tap the icon. This one is able to be found at the bottom of the screen. If you see the logo of Bing tagged on the Bing Weekly Quiz, please check on it. Now, you are able to join that quiz.

From Bing Weekly Quiz, you are going to get entertainment and nice gaming experience. there are seven questions that you have to provide the answer to. For those new junkies who watch and read news reports each day, then you are going to enjoy this weekly quiz.

Bing is the name of the search engine that was launched on June 1st, 2009. This one substitues for Live Search. It is the second one largest search engine in the United State with a question quantity of 20.9% as of November 2015. The search engine continually offers the actual and exciting news that supply from the world, country wide and neighborhood. The site is organized to offer the vacationer in depth news coverage of politics, commercial enterprise, enjoyment, whether or not, culture, recreation, and extra.

Bing has many capabilities. In general, the features of it are interface functions, neighborhood data, media characteristic, third birthday celebration integration, instant answer, the mixing with home windows eight, translator, and many other ones. In the closing year, this search engine launches the brand new characteristic. The name of it is Bing quiz. While you visit the search engine named Bing, at the homepage you will see a commencement cap icon that leads to three question quiz. That quiz is a Bing day by day quiz that gives through Bing to the visitor or person Bing.

How to play Bing each day quiz? For those who are interest to play Bing every day quiz, there are the stairs approaches that you have to do. First, move on second, the homepage will show in icon with a scholastic cap on it. third, click on said icon. Fourth, you may see the question of day by day quiz. That one includes a brief 3 question quiz and answer. Do you want to try to play the quiz? Let’s try to play it and be the winner.

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