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If you like reading news, it is recommended for you to take Bing News quiz. By taking this quiz, you are able to test your knowledge about the things that happened and also you are able to get points. So, do you want to try to take Bing news quiz?

Bing news quiz is like Bing weekly quiz, Bing daily quiz, and Bing trend quiz. This quiz is successfully increases the visitors into the Bing Search engine. This quiz is fun to take and you are able to bring points that can be redeemed to money and stuff. If you want to register to the Bing rewards program and play the quiz, you have to go to the Bing site. Then, you have to make sure that the search setting must be English so that the quiz will appear because the quiz is only available in the United States. After you visit Bing, then you have to open carousel by clicking on the icon from the bottom of your screen and you will find the Bing weekly quiz logo and you have to click start the Bing news game.

In the quiz, there will be 7 questions and you have to answer them correctly. All of the questions are from different categories such as entertainment, politics, sports, and many more. If you are updated with news, you surely will be able to answer the questions in a minute. There are some reasons of why you have to take this quiz. Here they are.

  • This quiz can test your knowledge with the events happening around the world.
  • By this quiz, you are able to enhance the technical and social knowledge.
  • The quiz is about the weekly occurrence like other Bing weekly quizzes.
  • The rewards from this quiz are Microsoft reward points and you are able to redeem the points to be able to buy something from Microsoft store and discounts.
  • Like other quizzes and games, if you are lucky you are able to win free rewards and prices.

Do you want to know the forms of questions and the answers? The questions are usually in the form of multiple choices and here are some examples of the news quiz of Bing completed with the answers so that you can learn the quiz to make you can answer the News Bing quiz.

1. The NBA All Star game is held in … and it started with tributes to Kobe Bryant and his daughter.

a. Los Angeles
b. San Francisco
c. New York City
d. Chicago
The answer: D. Chicago

2. The Senate voted 55 to 45 to limit the power of President Trump to wage war against…

a. Venezuela
b. Syria
c. North Korea
d. Iran
The answer: D. Iran

3. An entrepreneur Andrew Yang who advocated for a guaranteed minimum income of … a month, ended his campaign for the Democratic nomination.

a. $500
b. $1,000
c. $1,500
d. $2,000
The answer: $1,000

4. What kind of dog which won Best in Show at the West minster Kennel Club Dog Show?

a. A female standard poodle
b. A female standard spaniel
c. A female standard terrier
d. a female standard bulldog
The answer: A. A female standard poodle

5. Who is Democratic candidate won the New Hampshire primary?

a. Amy Klobuchar
b. Pete Buttigieg
c. Bernie Sanders
d. Joe Biden
The answer: C. Bernie Sanders

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