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Do you want to test your news IQ? You may want to test your news IQ and you do not know what you should do. Well, actually if you browse in your browser of PC or mobile phone, there are some tools, quizzes or questions that can measure your news IQ. One of the quizzes that you can take is Bing News IQ quiz.

Taking news IQ quiz cannot only make you know your knowledge about the news that happened and happening but also you are able to do it for fun, challenging yourself and even adding your knowledge as well. Bing has a lot of quizzes and the existence of quizzes in Bing can increase the visitors to the Bing search engine. So, it means that this quiz is liked by a lot of people so that they want to take the quiz again and again which means that they come to Bing site again and again.

If you want to take news IQ quiz and you want to get high score, of course you have to be up to date about everything happened and happening around the world so that you will be able to answer the questions of the quiz correctly. But, if you want to take the quiz just for fun and for spending your spare time, it is okay for you to take the quiz without having to master every information about news.

In the list below, we have some examples of news IQ quiz questions and you are able to try to answer them and make them as your practice so that when you take the Bing quiz, you will know how it is. After trying to answer the news questions below, do not forget to read other sources about news so that you will be more ready to take the Bing news IQ quiz.

1. Do you know who is the speaker of the US House of representatives now?

a. Nancy Pelosi
b. Paul Ryan
c. Chuck Schumer
d. Steny Hoyer

2. The tap water in Flint, Michigan, was not safe since it contained too much …

a. lead
b. arsenic
c. asbestos
d. mold

3. Who is current president of France?

a. Justin Trudeau
b. Malcolm Turnbull
c. Emmanuel Macron
d. Theresa May

4. Is the national unemployment rate as reported by the government now closer to …

a. 4%
b. 7%
c. 12%
d. 17%

5. Who is the Trump administration’s Secretary of State?

a. Mitt Romney
b. John Kerry
c. Rex Tillerson
d. Mike Pompeo

6. Based on the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), humans are infected with the Zika virus mainly by …

a. Rodents
b. Spoiled food
c. Mosquitoes
d. Contaminated water

7. Among countries below, which country has officially started the process of leaving the European Union?

a. Greece
b. Germany
c. The United Kingdom
d. Hungary

8. Who is leading the Justice Department’s investigation into Russian involvement in the 2016 election?

a. Robert Mueller
b. James Comey
c. Sean Spicer
d. Sally Yates

9. There are a lot of conservative Republicans in the House of Representatives and many of them are members of …

a. The Tuesday Group
b. The Freedom Caucus
c. The Lincoln Group
d. The Blue Dogs

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