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Ready to make some positive changes for 2020, but not sure what? You may try to answer a few questions of new year resolution quiz simply. Now, we are going to ask you to take new year resolution quiz. Besides, we are going to tell you what your New Year Resolution should be for 2020.

1. Which word describes how you would like the next year to be?

A. Happy
B. Amazing
C. Disappointed
D. Afraid

2. What do you want to find in the coming year?

A. A new job
B. Love
C. A new home
D. Money

3. What do you do for New Year’s Eve?

A. Tasteful celebrating
B. I don’t bother celebrating New Year
C. Get as drunk as possible
D. Watch films with a take-away

4. What do you want to get rid of in the coming year?

A. Negativity
B. Disloyal friends
C. Bad habits
D. Clutter

5. What is the biggest challenge for you?

A. Being organised
B. Being healthy
C. None of these I’m amazing
D. Focusing on goals

6. The best things in life are:

A. Memorable
B. Abroad
C. On television
D. Hard work

7. Pick a word to describe the last year:

A. Sad
B. Disappointing
C. Fun
D. Happy

Well, the text above is some questions usually ask on the quiz of New Year Resolution. To take the quiz, you are able to search the quiz on many websites. Of course, there are many websites offer you the quiz, even the game. If you come to this page to find out the information regarding New year resolution quiz on Bing quiz, so now you are able also to try taking the quiz on Bing quiz.

To take the quiz on Bing quiz, of course you have to visit Bing first. Then, you are able to search and find the quiz on Bing quiz. There are many quizzes you are able to take including fitness quiz, music quiz, art quiz, and more. Because you want to take New year resolution quiz, so you only need to focus in finding New Year Resolution quiz. After you find the quiz, then simply you are able to click at the quiz and start to answer all questions. Make sure that you are able to answer the quiz correctly. If you are able to answer the quiz correctly, so you are able to get the high score. Next, you may can share your score on our favorite social media.

In addition, we want also to share other examples of questions for New year resolution. You are able to look at the text below.

1. What do you most enjoy about the holiday season?

A. Getting gifts
B. My guilty pleasure, yummy food.
C. Finally getting to see my family
D. Selecting my New year Resolution

2. What do you dislike most about the holiday season?

A. That I just spent $800 on gifts
B. The stress of dealing with relatives
C. It’s the same thing every year.
D. Trying to keep my New year Resolutions

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