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Are you interested in music and you think that you have a lot of knowledge about music? If so, you have to try to test your knowledge about music by taking a quiz in Bing. As we know that Bing has quiz feature where people are able to take it for fun.

Bing quiz can be accessed of course through Bing site. If you want to try Bing music quiz, you have to access Bing at Then, in the search bar, you have to enter ‘Bing Music Quiz’ as keyword. After that, there will be some questions about music in the homepage and you just have to answer them. The questions are in multiple choices so it will be easier for you since you just have to choose the right answer from the existing choices. Even if you do not know the right answer, you are able to try to guess it.

Even though you like music and you have enough knowledge about it, but you may want to know how the quiz is. So here, we have some questions of Bing music quiz and you can learn them and try to guess the answers. Here they are.

1. Name the music festival held annually in Indio, California:

a. ultra
b. Governors Ball
c. Coachella

2. Who made their Glastonbury debut in 2019 after having to cancel their performance 14 years ago?

a. Mariah Carey
b. Cher
c. Kylie Minogue

3. ‘Thunderstruck’ and ‘You Shook Me All Night Long’ are songs by which band?

a. AC/DC
c. Led Zeppelin

4. Name the lead singer of the Rolling Stones:

a. Mick Jagger
b. Paul McCartney
c. Bono

5. The movie ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ is based on the true story of which band?

a. Queen
b. The Beatles
c. Spice Girls

6. Who is the singer behind the cosmetics brand Fenty?

a. Rihanna
b. Arianna Grande
c. Beyonce

7. Name the Belgian town where the Tomorrowland festival is held:

a. Foy
b. Spa
c. Boom

Okay, after seeing the examples of questions in the Bing music quiz above, what do you think? Are the questions difficult? For some of you, these questions may be easy and you are able to answer them easily. But, for some others, the questions may be difficult so that they they think that they need to learn more about music.

As we know that music always develop from time to time. In each era, usually there is certain characteristic which is different from the other eras. For example, the music in 1980s is different with music in 2000s. It can be because the instruments which are limited in the past and then now a lot of music instruments which are able to be used and even now making music can also use only PC since there are software which can produce the sounds of drum, piano and many more. Now, people can make remix music, electronic music so that music types in music industry to be more variable.

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