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Bing has quiz which can be joined by people. The quiz can be about nature, movie, sports, news, and many others. This quiz can be used by everyone for test their knowledge, spend their time or just for fun. If the quiz in Bing is about movie, it means that the questions will be about the characters of movies, settings, title, actors and actresses and many more related to movies.

Do we have to know much about movie if we take a movie quiz in Bing? If you want to get a lot of scores, of course you need to have enough knowledge about movies. So, if you are movie lovers, taking Bing movie quiz is an advantage since you will be able to answer the questions of the quiz easily. You also will feel challenged and then you will know how far you know about movies. However, as we mentioned above that this quiz can be just for fun. So, if you do not have knowledge about movie or you are not a movie lovers, it is okay for you to take the quiz.

In Bing movie quiz, the questions will be about movies such as settings, characters, actors and actresses, story, director, original soundtrack and other things related to the movie. Here, we have some examples of quiz questions about movies and you are able to make them as your learning media. Here they are.

1. Who is the actor played the killer in Se7en?

a. Gary Oldman
b. Kevin Spacey
c. Brad Pit
d. Willem Dafoe

2. Who is the villain in Halloween movie?

a. Pennywise
b. Jack Torrance
c. Freddy Krueger
d. Michael Myers

3. Who is actor made his film debut in A Nightmare on Elm Street?

a. Charlie Sheen
b. Robert England
c. Johnny Depp
d. Nicolas Cage

4. Who is the villain in the Austin Powers movie?

a. Professor Dementor
b. Dr. Evil
c. Dastardly Dan

5. When did the original Fantasia debut?

a. 1940
b. 1950
c. 1955
d. 1960

6. In both movies, one musical piece was set aside, to all appearances, purely for laughs. In the Fantasia movie, this was Ponchielli’s ‘Dance of the Hours’ featuring dancing elephants, ostriches, crocodiles, and hippos. What was the 2000 equivalent?

a. Carnival of the Animals
b. The Firebird Suite
c. The Pines Of Rome
d. Piano Concerto No.2

7. What musical presentation was featured in both movies?

a. The Nutcracker
b. The Sorcerer’s Apprentice
c. Pomp And Circumtances
d. Dance of the Hours

From these quiz questions, how many questions can you answer? Are these questions easy for you? After seeing these questions, now you can imagine the quiz questions in Bing Movie Quiz. It can be about the year of movie, the actor, the specific character in the movie and many more. So, it is better for you to read much about movies so that you can answer the quiz in a good score. You are also able to try to take movie quiz from other platforms for practice.

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