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Love songs are perfect choices, especially for those who are currently falling in love with someone of something. Do you love listening to love songs? What is the title of your favorite romantic song? Who is your favorite singer that sings love song?

For those who love long songs, how much do you know about them? If you think you know alot, it is time for you to test your knowledge by taking this Bing love song quiz.

1. When I Said I Do is the name of the song that was recorded by Clint Black. Who is the woman that sings the song with him?

a. Faith Hill
b. Lisa Hartman Black
c. Trisha Yearwood
d. Naomi Judd

2. Andrew Lloyd Webber wrote the song called Love Changes Everything for one of his musicals. Which musical was it?

a. Evita
b. Aspect of Love
c. Song and Dance
d. Phantom of the Opera

3. The Beatles have created a lot of love songs. One of the most favorites has the lyric “Oh please, say to me. You will let me by your man. What is the name of the song this lyric from?

a. All You Need Is Love
b. I Want to Hold Your Hand
c. Love Me Do
d. Hey Jude

4. Love songs are not always about romantic love, but the other kinds of love. The song entitled Beautiful Boy is about one of the sons of John Lennon. Which song one was the song written about his son?

a. Sean
b. Julian

5. Even the cartoons are able to have good love songs. In the popular Disney movie named Beauty and the Beast, the title of the song was sang by Angela Lansbury who played Mrs. Potts. But on the credits at the end, who was the singer that sang it with Celine Dion?

a. Elthon John
b. Peabo Bryson
c. Luther Vandross
d. Bryan Adams

6. Who had the hit masterpiece named Here and Now?

a. Janer Jackson
b. Whitney Houston
c. Luther Vandross
d. Lionel Ritchie

7. The love song I Just Called to Say I Love You by Stevie Wonder is about someone who calls for no other special occasion other than to tell the person on the other end of the line I Love You. What is the first event mentioned by him in the song?

a. Valentine’s Day
b. New Year’s Day
c. First day of Spring
d. Halloween

8. Which Temptations love song name, was used for the title of a movie starring Macaulay Culkin and Anna Clumsky?

a. My Girl
b. My Baby
c. Just My Imagination
d. I Know I’m Losing You

9. What artist had a hit with the wonderful song Through the Years?

a. Hank Williams
b. Jammie Rodgers
c. Kenny Rogers
d. George Jones

10. What is the name of amazing country song that includes the lyrics “Your hair all around me. Baby you surround me.”?

a. Everything I Love by Alan Jackson
b. Amazed by Lonestar
c. New Love by Reba McEntire
d. Amanda by Waylon Jennings

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