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If you prefer reading or writing than anything else, you are probably the one that relates to literature. There is a thing called the Bing Literature Quiz that is usually played by people who know a lot about literature and arts. Apart from that, the popular quotes and lines written by some of the best authors are also included. In addition, it also includes trivia about the well-known writers as well.

Basically, the Bing Literature Quiz would test how much you know about literature and arts. Here are some examples of the Bing Literature Quiz.

Bing Literature Quiz

1. Who is the creator of a book about European strife called War and Peace?

a. Leo Tolstoy
b. William Blake
c. Alfred Tennyson

2. What is the epic story by Charles Dickens that is set in London?

a. Lord of the Flies
b. Dead Souls
c. Great Expectations

3. Who is the writer of The Great Gatsby?

a. Jacob De Haas
b. Sarah Williams
c. F. Scott Fitzgerald

4. Which one is written by William Shakespeare that is often performed on stages around the world?

a. The Metamorphosis
b. Antigone
c. Hamlet

5. Which book by Miguel De Cervantes where he wrote about a gentle knight?

a. The Good Soldier
b. Things Fall Apart
c. Don Quixote

6. Which amazing novel is written by James Joyce?

a. The Magic Mountain
b. The Portrait of a Lady
c. Ulysses

7. Which timeless adventure book is where Jonathan Swift was being very satirical?

a. Gulliver’s Travels
b. Animal Farm
c. The Old Man and the Sea

8. Which touching novel is authored by Mark Twain?

a. Huckleberry Finn
b. The Sun Also Rises
c. Tristram Shandy

9. Which writer wrote Pride and Prejudice?

a. Jane Austen
b. Robert Frost
c. John Masefield

10. Which one is done by the author named Ralph Ellison?

a. Candide
b. Invisible Man
c. Oedipus the King

11. Which one is written by Charlotte Bronte using her pen name Currer Bell?

a. The Canterbury Tales
b. A Passage to India
c. Jane Eyre

12. In which creepy novel did George Orwell draw an ominous futuristic plot?

a. Nineteen Eighty Four
b. the Red and the Black
c. the Aeneid

13. Which centuries old book is written by Homer?

a. Odyssey
b. Beloved
c. The Stranger

14. Which book by Herman Melville has the famous line Call Me Ishmael?

a. A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man
b. Moby Dick
c. Heart of Darkness

15. Which one made Virginia Woolf as one of the best British authors of the 20th century?

a. The Stories of Anton Chekhov
b. Middlemarch
c. Mrs. Dalloway

16. Which fantastic tale featuring many strange creatures was written by Lewis Carroll?

a. The Grapes of Wrath
b. Catch-22
c. Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland

17. Which following masterpieces is created by Leo Tolstoy?

a. Anna Karenina
b. The Catcher in the Rye
c. To the Lighthouse

18. Which scary novel that makes Mary Shelley gain fame as a horror writer?

a. Frankenstein
b. Misery
c. The Sound and the Fury

19. Which book by E.B. White is about a spider attempting to save a pig?

a. Madame Bovary
b. Crime and Punishment
c. Charlotte’s Web

20. Which fascinating tale of matchmaking gone wrong is created by Jane Austen?

a. The Iliad
b. Emma
c. Lolita

21. Who is the author of the popular lines “A dog’s master dies… so he joins a wolf pack” in The Call of the Wild?

a. Jack London
b. William Wordsworth
c. Nikola Tesla

22. Who is the writer of a Gothic tinged novel with graphic scenes of cruelty called Wuthering Heights?

a. Robert Burns
b. Margaret Thatcher
c. Emily Bronte

23. Who is the iconic author behind a thrilling tale of revenge known as The Count of Monte Cristo?

a. Alexander Dumas
b. Agatha Christie
c. Sylvie d’Avigdor

24. Who wrote a terrifying novel set at a lonely mountain hotel named The Shining?

a. Walt Whitman
b. Nicollo Machiavelli
c. Stephen King

25. Which black comedy is written by William Faulkner?

a. As I Lay Dying
b. In Search of Lost Time
c. One Hundred Years of Solitude

26. Which tale that shows the extremes of human nature is written by Robert Louis Stevenson?

a. The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
b. The Divine Comedy
c. The Brothers Karamazov

27. Which one wrote an essential autobiography called David Copperfield?

a. Rudyard Kipling
b. Ernest Hemingway
c. Charles Dickens

28. Which famous author is behind a tragic and funny interwar novel named The Pursuit of Love?

a. Nancy Mitford
b. Charles Wesley
c. Thomas Gray

29. Who wrote The Trial, the novel about vengeance and justice?

a. Bret Harte
b. Franz Kafka
c. Percy Bysshe Shelley

30. Who is the writer of an anguished perspective on homosexuality known as The Picture of Dorian Gray?

a. Oscar Wilde
b. Beatrix Potter
c. Florence Earle Coates

31. What is the name of the dog owned by Roy Rogers?

a. Bullet
b. Fido
c. Lightning
d. Dog Rogers

32. Which book is not written by Stephen King?

a. Cacy
b. Cujo
c. Carrie
d. Christine

33. How many ghosts get to visit Scrooge in the book called A Christmas Carol?

a. 4
b. 3
c. 2
d. 5

34. In which play does Shylock exist?

a. Othello
b. The Comedy of Errors
c. The Merchant of Venice
d. Measure for Measure

35. Which place is not visited by Guilliver in Guilliver’s Travels?

a. Lilliput
b. Japan
c. China
d. Laputa

Bing is the best when it comes to giving the quizzes. If you think it is needed for you to pay respect to the books and the authors that you know, the Bing Literature Quiz is perfect for you. After nailing these questions, do not stop and keep looking for more quizzes about the literature. Doing so helps you a lot to test your knowledge and to sharpen your brain.

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