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When you take a quiz in Bing, you may get some questions about James Bond. However, you may not be able to answer it correctly because you do not have enough knowledge about it. So, you have to make sure that you can do the best in the future Bing quiz about James Bond.

Well, even though the Bing quiz is just for fun, you may be challenged and you do not want to get bad scores. So, you need to have some preparation. If you are not able to answer the question about James Bond, then you need to learn about it first. Here, we will give you some examples of James Bond quiz questions for you to learn.

Bing James Bond Quiz

Bing Quiz About James Bond

When we tried to access Bing Fun Quiz, there were some questions about James Bond. The questions can be found in the Celebrity section. Here are some of the questions about James Bond in Bing Fun Quiz.

  • Pierce Brosnan played James Bond in which movie?
  1. GoldenEye     b. Mrs. Doubtfire             c. The November Man   d. No Escape

The Answer: a. GoldenEye

  • Which is the oldest Brosnan movie in the list below?
  1. No Escape      b. The November Man  c. Survivor           d. GoldenEye

The Answer: GoldenEye

  • Which Brosnan movie was directed by Roger Spottiswoode?
  1. No Escape      b. GoldenEye     c. Tomorrow Never Dies                              d. Survivor

The Answer: c. Tomorrow Never Dies

  • Jonathan Pryce co-started with him in which movie?
  1. Mamma Mia!                                               c. Survivor
  2. Tomorrow Never Dies              d. The November Man

The Answer: b. Tomorrow Never Dies

As you are able to see in the questions above that it is related to Pierce Brosnan because we get these questions in Celebrity theme exactly in Pierce Brosnan topic. Since he plays as James Bond, those are the questions about James Bond in the quiz of Pierce Brosnan topic.

If you access Put In Order in Bing Fun, you will be able to find a quiz about James Bond. In this quiz, you have to put the provided words related to James Bond in a correct order based on the instructions. Here are the questions on that quiz.

  • Arrange the James Bond actors in order by when they took on the role. Here, you have to put the earliest first.

The Answer: Sean Connery, Roger Moore, Timothy Dalton and Daniel Craig.

  • Put the James Bond movies in order they were released, beginning with the most recent.

The Answer: The Living Daylights, For Your Eyes Only, Live and Let Die and Goldfinger.

  • Beginning with the earliest, you have to put the singers in order of first singing a James Bond film theme.

The Answer: Paul McCartney & Wings, Lulu, Carly Simon, and Sheena Easton.

  • Beginning with the most recent, you have to put the film-makers in the order they first directed a Bond movie.

The Answer: Sam Mendes, Michael Apted, Guy Hamilton and Terence Young.

  • You have to put the actresses in the order they first played Bond Girls and you have to put from the earliest.

The Answer: Ursula Andress, Barbara Bach, Grace Jones and Denise Richards.

The Examples of Quiz Questions About James Bond

Here, we have some examples of quiz questions about James Bond that we take from the other sources.

  • On the big screen, how many actors have played James Bond?
  1. 6                         b. 9                         c. 7                         d. 12

The Answer: c. 7

  • In what secret service agency  007 works for?
  1. N17                   b. MI8                   c. MI5                    d. MI6

The Answer: d. MI6

  • The amount of released films which have ‘die(s)’ in the title is..
  1. 3                         b. 4                         c. 7                         d. 2

The Answer: a. 3

  • What is Pussy Galore’s job in Goldfinger?
  1. Secret Agent                 b. Actress                        c. Personal pilot                          d. Civil servant

The Answer: Personal pilot

  • The first actor who played M was…
  1. Bernard Lee                                  c. Robert Brown
  2. Judi Dench                          d. Ralph Fiennes

The Answer: a. Bernard Lee

  • What is the Major Boothroyd better known as?
  1. James Bond                   b. M                       c. Felix Leiter                      d. Q

The Answer: d. Q

  • Maud Adams played the title role in…
  1. Moonraker                    b. Spectre           c. Octopussy      d. Dr No

The Answer: c. Octopussy

  • When playing Bond, which actor wore a hairpiece?
  1. Sean Connery                        c. Daniel Craig
  2. Pierce Brosnan                        d. Roger Moore

The Answer: a. Sean Connery

  • The first actor who played James Bond was…
  1. David Niven                          c. Barry Nelson
  2. Sean Connery                        d. Roger Moore

The Answer: c. Barry Nelson

  • James Bond first drove his now-iconic Aston Martin in…
  1. Dr. No                             c. Thunderball
  2. License to Kill                           d. Goldfinger

The Answer: d. Goldfinger

  • Which film is a remake of Thunderball?
  1. Never Say Never Again                          c. Octopussy
  2. Goldfinger                     d. Tomorrow Never Dies

The Answer: a. Never Say Never Again

  • What is the real name of M?
  1. Matthew                        c. Myron
  2. Miles                          d. Michael

The Answer: b. Miles

  • What is a James Bond film which was based on a short story?
  1. Skyfall                        c. Casino Royale
  2. For Your Eyes Only                           d. Octopussy

About James Bond

James Bond is a series of spy films. It is based on the fictional character of MI6 agent James Bond, 007, who appeared in a series of books by Ian Fleming. In history, it is one of the longest continually running film series which has been on-going from 1962 to the present.

Ian Fleming made the fictional character of James Bond  as the central figure for his work. This character is an officer of intelligence in the Secret Intelligence Service which is usually known as MI6.

The films of Bond are famous for a number of features. Those include the musical accompaniment with the theme songs which got Academy Award nominations on some occasions and two wins. The films are also famous for the relationships of Bond with various women who are sometimes called Bond Girls.

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