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Lighthouse can be described as a building, a tower, or the other kind of structure designed to radiate light from a system of lamps and lenses and used as a thing to navigation for maritime pilots at sea or on inland waterways. This one can mark hazardous shoals, reefs, dangerous coastlines, safe entries to harbors, and is also able to assist in aerial navigation. In fact, some operational lighthouses have declined due to the expense of maintenance and replacement by modern electronic navigational systems.

There are a few popular lighthouses in United States. As one of the popular things, lighthouses often appear on something like Bing Homepage Quiz. In order to master the question about lighthouse when you take Bing Homepage Quiz, how about taking this quiz about lighthouse first? Here are some questions about lighthouse.

1. On which coast did the lighthouses of America first appear?

a. Pacific coast
b. Atlantic coast
c. The Gulf Coast region

2. What is the tallest lighthouse owned by the United States?

a. Cape Cod lighthouse
b. Cape Hatteras lighthouse
c. Fort Niagara lighthouse

3. What fueled the building of lighthouses in the America?

a. Global competition
b. War
c. Commerce

4. How did the lighthouses change in the 20th century?

a. Lighthouses became larger
b. Lighthouses became automated
c. Lighthouses bulbs became brighter

5. How many United States light stations are permanently manned?

a. One
b. Three
c. Five

6. Where is the location of the oldest standing United States lighthouse?

a. North California
b. New York
c. New Jersey

7. What is the re-purpose of the Admiralty Head lighthouse on Puget Sound?

a. A museum
b. A bed and breakfast
c. An amusement park

8. Which of the following is the name of a twin lighthouse?

a. Cape Ann lighthouse
b. Brant Point lighthouse
c. Grosse Point lighthouse

9. Who is the famous author who wrote about the Cape Cod lighthouse?

a. Walt Whitman
b. Henry David Thoreau
c. Ralph Waldo Emerson

10. What is the name of the lighthouse in the northernmost in the United States?

a. Cape Flattery lighthouse
b. Cape Neddick lighthouse
c. Fort Niagara lighthouse

11. What was the first signal that installed at Little Brewsters Island lighthouse in 1719?

a. Fog horn
b. Cannon
c. 1 ton bell
d. Trumpet

12. Which one is the most expensive American lighthouse to build?

a. Boston Harbor?
b. Minot’s Ledge
c. St. George Reef
d. Cape Hatteras

13. Which state of United States has the most lighthouses?

a. Maine
b. California
c. Michigan
d. New York

14. Which lighthouse of American has the biggest lens?

a. Makapuu Point
b. Southern Block Island
c. Cape Hatteras Light
d. Twin Lights of Navesink

15. What is the name of the first American lighthouse to use electricity?

a. Statue of Liberty
b. Sandy Hook Lighthouse
c. Twin Lights of Navesink
d. Cape Hatteras Lighthouse

Can you answer all those questions? How many correct answers that you get? If you think all of them are easy, there is a high chance of you to slay the Bing Homepage Quiz about lighthouse.

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