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Bing is known as one of the most popular search engine. As one of the search engines that have many followings, Bing provides a fun and challenging quiz every day. There are tons of different quizzes presented for different way. For those who regularly use Bing, you must be familiar with these kinds of Bing quizzes. However, it would be too dark for those who do not have any slightly idea about Bing and all the quizzes.

Bing has a thing called Bing Fun. It is kind of page where you are able to find a few awesome quizzes that you are able to play. This one is divided into three categories: Featured, Puzzles & games, and Trivia and quizzes. The Featured category includes Homepage Quiz, 2048, and Surprise Me!. The Puzzles and games category includes Chess, 2048, Sliding Tiles, Crossword, Sudoku, Jigsaw, and Matching Cards. As for the Trivia & quizzes category, it includes Homepage Quiz, Surprise Me!, Celebrity Quiz, News Quiz, Geography Quiz, and Put In Order.

One of the most popular Bing quizzes is called Bing Homepage Quiz. Bing Homepage Quiz is the perfect quiz for those who love to read and know a lot about the world. This one asks you three trivia questions about the image that is shown as the background on the homepage of Bing and changes everyday. In order to access this feature, you have to find its icon on Bing homepage. In the past, the graduation cap icon was shown on the background image on the Bing homepage to access the homepage quiz feature. Now, the icon of the quiz has been replaced by the new Q icon.

Unfortunately, the Q icon is not always visible. This icon is hidden by default and you need to find it using Hotspot feature of the Bing homepage. You can do it by moving your mouse cursor over different places on the background image on the Bing homepage and the Q icon will show up somewhere on the image. After finding the Q icon, please hover your mouse cursor over it and Bing will display the homepage quiz fly out. Then, the first question about the image of the day will be shown.

There are three options to choose as the correct answer. All that you need to do is to click on the option that you want and Bing will open a new page to show the result. On the next page, there is the Next question button for you to answer the second question. The same thing happens again with the second one.

Another popular Bing quiz is named Jigsaw. If you are interested to take this quiz, the first thing that you have to do is to click Jigsaw on Puzzles & games menu. Then, the image for jigsaw will appear soon. In this step, you are able to choose the best one as you want. After that, you will be faced for jigsaw puzzles that you must arrange to be right object again.

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