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The quiz about FA rarely appears on Bing. However, this topic may appear on Bing sometime. If you do not have enough knowledge about the FA, we guarantee that you will get a bit hard to answer the quiz. That’s why we’re here to give you some examples of Bing FA Cup quizzes which probably will appear in Bing.

Well, if you already spend much time on Bing to play any quizzes, we think that you ambitiously want to win points which you can then exchange for rewards. You may already know that Bing rewards can be mentioned as a new program which the company offered to appreciate the users who regularly take the quiz and spend a lot of time on Bing.

Bing FA Cup Quiz

If you participate to take the quiz and answer it correctly, you surely will win different points. So, you may want to get more points by taking quizzes about FA Cup topics. Unfortunately, you don’t have enough knowledge for it, but on the other side you want to get more points to win the quizzes.

Well, the only one thing that you have to do is to practice a lot by taking quizzes about FA Cup topics.

Some Examples of FA Cup Quiz on Bing

1. Who is the player becoming the first to score in four different finals?

a. Patrick Vieira
b. Aaron Ramsey
c. Didier Drogba
d. Jarvis Kenrick

The answer is c. Didier Drogba

2. Who won the FA Cup for non-English team?

a. Celtic
b. Rangers
c. Cardiff City
d. United City

The answer is c. Cardiff City

3. Who is the player to have scored a hat-trick in an FA Cup Final at Wembley?

a. Stan Matthews
b. Stan Mortensen
c. Didier Drogba
d. Jarvis Kenrick

The answer is b. Stan Mortensen

4. Which clubs hold the record for the largest winning margin in an FA Cup Final?

a. Chelsea & Manchester City
b. Blackpool & Manchester City
c. Tottenham Hotspur & Manchester City
d. Bury & Manchester City

The answer is d. Bury & Manchester City

5. Which player who scored the fastest goal in an FA Cup Final at 27.9 seconds into the match?

a. Roberto Di Matteo
b. Nat Lofthouse
c. Didier Drogba
d. Louis Saha

The answer is d. Louis Saha

6. Which of those stadiums has not hosted an FA Cup Final?

a. Goodison Park
b. Stamford Bridge
c. Bramall Lane
d. Hillsborough

The answer is d. Hillsborough

7. Those are the stadiums which have hosted an FA Cup Final, which one?

a. Fallowfield Stadium
b. Anfield
c. Maine Road
d. St James’ Park

The answer is a. Fallowfield Stadium

8. Only two FA Cup Finals have been decided by a penalty shootout, and they were consecutive finals, which years’ finals were they?

a. 2004 & 2005
b. 2005 & 2006
c. 2006 & 2007
d. 2007 & 2008

The answer is b. 2005 & 2006

9. When was the last FA Cup Final replay played if the final ended in a draw a replay would be required?

a. 1991
b. 1992
c. 1993
d. 1994

The answer is c. 1993

10. Where was the first FA Cup final played?

a. Kennington Oval
b. Lillie Bridge
c. Wembley
d. Crystal Palace

The answer is a. Kennington Oval

11. Jarvis Kenrick played in FA Cup Finals for both Clapham Rovers and The Wanderers, winning the cup with both teams. But, what is his claim to fame?

a. He was the first player to be carded in an FA Cup Final.
b. He was the first player to be substituted in an FA Cup Final.
c. In an FA Cup Final he switched teams at half time.
d. He was the first player to score a goal in an FA Cup Final.

The answer is d. He was the first player to score a goal in an FA Cup Final.

12. Who was the last non-league team to win the FA Cup?

a. Blackburn Olympic
b. Tottenham Hotspur
c. Thames Ironworks (Now known as West Ham United)
d. The Royal Engineers

The answer is b. Tottenham Hotspur

13. Which football club holds the record for the shortest FA Cup run, because they forgot to send their entry form to the Football Association in 1921?

a. Aston Villa
b. West Bromwich Albion
c. Birmingham City
d. Wolverhampton Wanderers

The answer is c. Birmingham City

14. Who is Manchester City goalkeeper to have broken neck in an FA Cup final and carried on playing and helping the team lift the cup in 1956?

a. Frank Swift
b. Harry Dowd
c. Joe Corrigan
d. Bert Trautmann

The answer is d. Bert Trautmann

15. Who was the last player-manager to feature in an FA Cup Final?

a. Dennis Wise
b. Garry Monk
c. Kenny Dalglish
d. Rudd Gullit

The answer is a. Dennis Wise

16. Who was the last team to play in an FA Cup Final and be relegated in the same season?

a. Middlesbrough
b. Wigan Athletic
c. Portsmouth
d. Birmingham City

The answer is b. Wigan Athletic

17. What was used in the 1973 FA Cup Final and never used again?

a. Orange Cards
b. Sin Bin
c. Orange Ball
d. Referee used a bell rather than a whistle

The answer is c. Orange Ball

18. In which year did the ball burst for the first time during an FA Cup Final?

a. 1992
b. 1947
c. 1951
d. 1976

The answer is b. 1947

19. Who scored for both sides within a minute in the 1946 FA Cup Final?

a. Jack Shreeve (Charlton Athletic)
b. Reg Harrison (Derby County)
c. Burt Turner (Charlton Athletic)
d. Peter Doherty (Derby County)

The answer is c. Burt Turner (Charlton Athletic)

20. How many times previously had Arsenal FC and Aston Villa FC met in the final before The 134th final of the FA Cup?

a. 3
b. 2
c. 4
d. Never

The answer is d. Never

Well, those are 20 example FA Cup quizzes which may appear on Bing. We kindly show all quizzes with answers to ease you in practicing the quiz about FA Cup. Good luck

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