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Do you like to join a quiz? Well, if you like joining a quiz, Bing usually provides you a number of quizzes that you are able to try to answer. The theme of the quiz is various. If you want to answer the quiz, then you have to be ready for it. Let’s say that the theme is about desert. Then, you need to know some information about it. Here, we will give you some examples of quiz questions about desert.

Desert Quiz Questions

Here, we have some examples of quiz questions about desert including the answers.

1. From the options below, what is the largest hot desert in the world?

a. Gobi Desert
b. Chihuahua Desert
c. Antarctica
d. The Sahara

The answer: d. The Sahara

2. You surely know that deserts are dry. However, how much rain falls there in a year?

a. Less than 250 mm
b. 9,300 mm
c. 1,060 mm
d. 2,300 mm

The answer: a. less than 250 mm

3. What coastal desert can be found in southern Africa?

a. Namib Desert
b. Sahara Desert
c. Arabian Desert
d. Gobi Desert

The answer: a. Namib Desert

4. How tall are the tallest sand dunes in the world?

a. 35 m (115 ft)
b. 8,848 m (29,028 ft)
c. 300 m (994 ft)
d. 1,200 m (4,000 ft)

The answer: d. 1,200 m (4,000 ft)

5. Which one of these options is not a hot desert?

a. Great Sandy Desert
b. Kalahari Desert
c. Gobi Desert
d. Thar Desert

The answer: c. Gobi Desert

6. What is the two-humped camel which lives in Asian desert?

a. Bactrian
b. Guanaco
c. Vicuna
d. Dromedary

The answer: a. Bactrian

7. How much of Earth’s land surface is covered by desert?

a. 25%
b. 50%
c. 10%
d. 75%

The answer: a. 25%

8. What is the largest desert in North America?

a. Great Sandy desert?
b. Chihuahua Desert
c. Great Basin Desert
d. Atacama Desert

The answer: b. Chihuahua Desert

9. What shape are barchan sand dunes?

a. Long and narrow
b. Crescent-shaped
c. Long with a wavy edge
d. Star-shaped

The answer: b. crescent-shaped

10. Where do a lot of desert animals sleep during the day?

a. In burrows under the ground
b. On warm rocks to stay heated
c. In the shade of cactus plants
d. On the sand

The answer: a. In burrows under the ground

11. Where do camels store up fat so they are able to go without water for long periods of time?

a. In their trails
b. In their stomachs
c. In their hump
d. In their shoulders
e. Along their sides

The answer: c. In their hump

12. How have plants adapted to survive in the desert?

a. They save water in their leaves and trunks
b. They spread out from each other
c. They have root systems which are large enough to collect water
d. They have sharp spines that can be used to protect them from animals
e. All of the above

The answer: e. All of the above

13. From the options below, which of the Sahara Desert landforms consist of flat plains covered with sand and gravel?

a. Salt Flats
b. Dunes
c. Ergs
d. Regs
e. Hamadas

The answer: d. Regs

14. What language is the word ‘sahara’ from?

a. English
b. Arabic
c. Greek
d. Latin
e. Spanish

The answer: b. Arabic

15. What are long trains of camels used to transport goods?

a. Dunes
b. Oases
c. Caravans
d. Nomads
e. Savannas

The answer: c. Caravans

About Deserts

Desert Quiz

On Earth, deserts are the driest place. In the day time, deserts can be very hot, but at night, deserts can be freezing cold. Do you know that there are three primary types of desert? Those are hot deserts, cold deserts and coastal deserts. These three types of deserts have the same characteristics. Those characteristics are having very little rainfall, few plants and animals and also strong winds. Usually, people think that deserts are sand. Sand is a small particle of rocks and minerals. However, the fact is that there are only 20% of the deserts in the world which are covered in sand. Most deserts are made up of rocks or gravel. And the other deserts are icy.

In the cold deserts, there are no hot summers. However, they have very cold winters. You are able to find these kinds of deserts in high, flat areas called plateaus or mountainous areas in temperature regions of the world. Temperate regions are located between the polar regions and the tropics. It is like the other types of desert, cold deserts have very little rain or snow. One of the coldest deserts in the world is the Gobi Desert in Central Asia. When winter comes, the temperatures can drop to 40°C (-40°F). For your information, there are a lot of scientists who consider that Antarctica is a type of cold desert since it gets very little rain or snow.

How about a hot desert? Most hot deserts in the world lie just north and south of the equator. Equator is the imaginary line which stretches out around the middle of Earth. In the hot deserts, the rays of the sun are the strongest. During the day, hot deserts can be very hot. However, the temperature can fall to below freezing point around 0 degree Celsius or 32 degree Fahrenheit at night. Why can it happen? It is because in the desert sky there are no clouds which can keep the heat in at night. Do you know the largest hot desert in the world? It is The Sahara in Africa. There is a note that the hottest temperature recorded in the Sahara was 57°C (136°F) and it happened in 1922.

Coastal deserts can be found on coasts where the land meets the ocean. The winds over these deserts come from across the ocean. However, they do not carry rain, but they carry fog. For is a thick cloud of tiny water droplets that are too small to fall as rain. Over the desert, the fog rolls in. However, the heat of the sin in the day makes the fog disappear. Namib Desert in southwestern Africa and Atacama Desert in Chile are the coastal deserts. For your information, the Namib Desert averages less than 12mm of rain every year.

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