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Some people think there is no better time to get away than during the post holiday doldrums. For those who love snow, it is peak ski season. For those who love beach nums, that warm kiss of tropical sun could help to you through the next few months. For those who are looking for a great city escape, arts and entertainment offerings are in full swing this time of the year in the cultural capitals of America. And for those who are looking for relax and feel good, there is a vacation for that too.

Are you having a dream of a white Christmas or are you pining for greetings of a sunny season? What kind of escape that you want this winter? Feel free to take this Bing cool winter gateaway quiz and find out what winter gateaway you are destined for.

1. What is your favorite activity during winter?

a. Staying cozy at home
b. Ice skating
c. Skiing or snowboarding
d. Decorating a gingerbread house

2. What is your favorite Christmas carol?

a. Let It Snow
b. Last Christmas
c. Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas
d. Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree

3. What is your favorite holiday treat?

a. Candy Canes
b. Hot Chocolate
c. Gingerbread
d. Eggnog

4. Who is your favorite Christmas character?

a. Frosty the Snowman
b. Santa, definitely!
c. Elf on the Shelf
d. Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer

5. What is your favorite winter accessory?

a. Gloves
b. Boots
c. Scarft
d. Hat

6. What is your favorite Christmas movie?

a. It’s a Wonderful life
b. Elf
c. Home Alone
d. The Polar Express

7. On the first winter day every year, you go right to…

a. The backyard and go snow angels.
b. The couch, and pull up the warmest blanket to binge on your favorite Netflix show re-runs.
c. The calendar and star making a plan a weekend of museum and gallery hopping.
d. The bubbly tub, with a glass of bubbly in hand.

8. What is your winter drink of choice?

a. Hot toddy by the fire
b. Kombucha, to stay healthy
c. Daiquiri, to help you dream of warmer climes
d. Old fashioned, shaken not stirred

9. During winter, what do you always wear?

a. Hawaiian shirt
b. Toasty turtleneck
c. NASA-engineered based layer
d. Plush robe and slippers.

10. Which one of the following is your mantra?

a. It is not the mountain we conquer but ourselves by Sir Edmund Hillary.
b. A people without the knowledge of their past history, origin and culture is like a tree without roots by Marcus Garvey.
c. Your greatest wealth is health by Anonymous.
d. The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever by Jacques Cousteau.

If you hate snow, there is a possibility of you to get California as your cool winter gateaway. There, you are able to skip the snow but you still have finding the festivities to get you in the holiday spirit.

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