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Bing Quiz is such a fun one to take when you have leisure time. Everyone is allowed to take this quiz anytime they want. The topics featured vary, including animals. For the animals, birds become one of the animals that mostly appear.

The Bing Quiz related to birds is such a good thing to test you how much you know about them. For those who are fond of these animals who considered themselves experts when it comes to the birds, it is your chance to show off. Here are some of the similar questions about birds that might appear:

Bing Birds Quiz

1. Which one is the largest bird in the world?

a. Ostrich
b. Eagle
c. Hawk

2. Are birds included as warm blooded or cold blooded?

a. Warm blooded
b. Cool blooded

3. What is it about bird bones that are helpful for flying?

a. Their bones are hollow
b. Their bones are straight
c. Their bones are not actual bones, but cartilage

4. What creatures are believed by the scientists to be evolved from?

a. Bears
b. Dogs
c. Dinosaurs

5. Are birds stupid?

a. Yes
b. No
c. I do not know

6. Which one is the smallest bird in the world?

a. Robin
b. Hummingbird
c. Eagle

7. Which one is the kind of bird that is usually used to carry messages?

a. Sparrow
b. Bluejay
c. Homing pigeon

8. How many chambers does the heart of the bird have?

a. 2
b. 4
c. 6

9. Where are the bird species mostly found?

a. Rainforests
b. New York City
c. London

10. What is the name of the common organ that birds do not have?

a. Heart
b. Brain
c. Bladder

11. What is the name of the organ owned by birds that is larger compared to humans?

a. Brain
b. Feet
c. Lungs

12. What do owls rotate to help them see?

a. Head
b. Eyes
c. Tails

13. Which creature kills as many as 4 billion birds in the United States every year?

a. Cat
b. Dog
c. Fish

14. What is the name of the only bird with the ability to fly backward?

a. Hummingbird
b. Sparrow
c. Owl

15. Which one is used by the coal miners to check for dangerous gases?

a. Canary
b. Eagle
c. Falcon

16. How much water can be hold by the beak of pelican?

a. 2.5 gallons
b. 1 quart
c. 100 points

17. The legs of birds bend backward at what part of the leg?

a. Knee
b. Ankle
c. Hip

18. Which one lays the biggest eggs?

a. Ostrich
b. Eagle
c. Hummingbird

19. Which one has the smallest number of feathers?

a. Owl
b. Eagle
c. Hummingbird

20. Which one lays its eggs in compost?

a. Malleefowl
b. Owl
c. Eagle

21. Which social bird may live in a nest with as many as 400 other birds?

a. Robin
b. Weaverbird
c. Eagle

22. What is the reason that makes flamingos pink?

a. Because they eat shrimp
b. They are born pink.
c. Only old ones are pink.

23. Which one is the heaviest bird of prey?

a. Condor
b. Owl
c. Bat

24. Which wild bird lives the longest?

a. Albatross
b. Sparrow
c. Hummingbird

25. Which one lays the smallest eggs?

a. Hummingbird
b. Eagle
c. Owl

26. Which one swims the fastest?

a. Eagle
b. Penguin
c. Sparrow

27. Which one migrates the farthest?

a. Sparrow
b. Tern
c. Eagle

28. Which one has the greatest wingspan?

a. Albatross
b. Eagle
c. Robin

29. Which one can fly the highest?

a. Vulture
b. Sparrow
c. Hummingbird

30. Which one can take care of the eggs of the other birds?

a. Hummingbird
b. Sparrow
c. Ostrich

31. Which one is the biggest bird in the world?

a. Elephant bird
b. Hummingbird
c. Crow

32. Which one lays its eggs in the winter?

a. Penguin
b. Hummingbird
c. Crow

33. Which one can dive the fastest?

a. Falcon
b. Sparrow
c. Robin

34. Which one uses echolocation like bats?

a. Owl
b. Sparrow
c. Oilbird

35. What is a group of flamingos known for?

a. Flamboyance
b. Murder
c. Parliament

36. Birds are currently grouped with?

a. People
b. Mammals
c. Reptiles
d. Amphibians

37. Which one is not the characteristic of birds?

a. Modified skeleton
b. Ectotherm
c. Wings and feathers
d. High metabolic rate

38. What are the two main functions of the feathers?

a. Insulation and protection
b. Flight and protection
c. Flight and insulation
d. No one of them

39. What is the name of the covering of the feathers?

a. Blanket
b. Insulation
c. Down
d. Plumage
e. Covering

40. What is the form of the bird wings?

a. Shape
b. Airfoil
c. Furcula
d. Alula

41. How many hearts do the birds have?

a. 1 chambered heart
b. 2 chambered heart
c. 3 chambered heart
d. 4 chambered heart
e. 100 hearts

42. Birds are usually divided by their…

a. Eating habits
b. Color
c. Flying ability
d. Regions they live

43. What is the name of the small opening for reproduction and excretion owned by birds?

a. Alula
b. Furcula
c. Cloaca
d. Syrinx

44. What are the additional muscles attached to the birds?

a. Ribs
b. Lilium
c. Sternum
d. Scapula
e. Humerus

45. What are the feathers that lie under contour feathers and are included within plumulaceous feathers?

a. Down feathers
b. Contour feathers
c. Pennaceous feathers
d. Flight feathers
e. Plumulaceous feathers

You can grade yourself after answering these questions. If you get mostly right then you are sure an expert and if not, then please learn and read more. Learning about animals such as birds is definitely fun and useful. To test your knowledge, Bing Quiz is the perfect way. If you are also interested in the other topics, you can also take the ones related to the other topics. Aside from the quizzes, Bing also offers some puzzles and games.

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